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Ice Cream Matching Game Printable [Freebie]

It’s no secret that kids love ice cream. And what’s not to love? Ice cream is cold, creamy, and comes in a wide variety of flavors.

But as every parent knows, kids may get a little sugar crazy with too much ice cream.

That’s where this free printable ice cream matching game comes in. Not only is it a fun way for kids to spend a summer afternoon, but it also helps them practice visual memory, taking turns, and more.

Simply print out the cards, and you’re ready to play. So when boredom strikes, reach for this cute game. It’s sure to put a smile on your child’s face!

Also, be sure to check out all of our ice cream activities for more ideas.

Ice Cream Memory

ice cream matching game cards image collage with the words free printable ice cream matching game

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The goal of this game is to collect as many ice creams as possible by matching pairs of cards. Players take turns flipping over two cards at a time, looking for matches.

If they find a match, they get to keep the pair and take another turn. If not, it’s the next player’s turn.

The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins!

Not only is this game tons of fun, but it also helps kids practice visual memory, taking turns, and concentration. So print out this game and enjoy some quality family time!

Summer Unit For Kids

ice cream matching game cards

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and kids are getting antsy to be out of school. If you’re looking for a way to keep your kids entertained and learning all summer long, why not put together a summer unit study?

There are tons of great activities, so you can easily customize a study to fit your child’s interests and age level. Best of all, unit studies can be easily tailored to accommodate even the busiest schedules. So if you’re looking for a fun and educational way to beat the summer heat, check out all these fun ideas!

Summer Book Ideas

There are so many reasons why reading aloud to your kids is great for them! For one, it helps to develop their vocabularies and communication skills. In addition, it enhances their listening skills and concentration levels.

But that’s not all – reading aloud to your kids can also foster a love of learning in them. Furthermore, it allows you to bond with your children and create cherished memories together. So go ahead and grab one of these summer books – your kids will be all the better for it!

How To Catch A Mermaid is the summer version of the classic “How To Catch” series! It’s perfect for mermaid fans and summer lovers alike!

Gorilla Loves Vanilla is all about, you guessed it – ice cream! This silly book will have kids laughing and asking for you to read it again and again.

Goodnight Pirate is a fun bedtime book to read to kids all summer long! They’ll love the illustrations, story, and rhyming words.

ice cream matching game cards

Kids’ Crafts For Summer

Crafting is more than just a fun activity for children. It can also help with their development in a number of ways. For one, crafting helps to develop fine motor skills. Cutting, gluing, and painting all require children to use their small muscles in a precise way, which can help them to develop greater control over their movements.

Crafting also helps children develop their imaginations and creativity. As they plan and execute their projects, they learn to think outside the box and come up with new ideas.

And finally, crafting can also help children to develop their problem-solving skills. As they encounter obstacles during their projects, they learn to persevere and find solutions.

So next time your child wants to sit down and do a craft project, don’t just see it as a way to keep them occupied. Instead, encourage them—you may be surprised at the skills they end up developing! Try adding in these fun summer crafts:

paper plate whale, paper bag mermaid, and paper campfire craft image collage

Mermaid Paper Bag Craft – The summertime is the perfect time to let imaginations run wild with this easy and fun mermaid craft! Make a boy or girl mermaid; there’s something for everyone!

Paper Plate Humpback Whale Craft – There’s something so satisfying about painting on paper plates. Maybe it’s the nostalgic throwback to elementary school art class or the simple fact that paint just seems to adhere to paper plates so perfectly. Either way, we are loving this paper plate humpback whale craft for kids!

Paper Campfire Craft – This easy campfire craft is a great way to get into the camping spirit without having to leave your backyard. All you need is some construction paper, scissors, and glue.

Summer Activities

Summer is a great time for kids to explore new things and have some fun! One way to do this is with these summer color by number printables. These no-prep printables are perfect for fine motor development and number recognition too!

ice cream matching game cards

Summertime is the perfect time to do some fun summer do a dot printables with the kids! Not only do they get to practice their letter recognition, counting, and patterns, but they also get to have some fun and use dot markers. Plus, it’s a great way to keep them occupied on those long summer days. All you need is some do a dot markers and a few sheets of paper, and you’re all set!

Break out these fun summer connect the dot worksheets for kids! With four different pages to choose from, there’s something for everyone. And best of all, these printables require no prep – just print and you’re ready to go.

More Summer Ideas

Summer Activity Pack – This handy guide includes tons of ideas for games, activities, journaling, and more, all designed to help kids make the most of their summer break. Plus, there’s a supply list so you can make sure you have everything you need on hand. So whether your kids are looking for a fun-filled summer or a chance to learn something new, this pack has everything you need to get started.

ice cream matching game cards

Get Ready To Read Summer Activities – This is the perfect way for your young child to learn important literacy skills in a fun and engaging way. Through a variety of activities, kids will learn letter recognition, letter formation, beginning sounds, and syllable counting. But more importantly, they’ll have a blast doing it!

Summer Bingo Sheets – These bingo cards are filled with fun summer-themed images, like crabs, watermelon, and ice cream. They’re sure to keep your kids entertained for hours. Plus, they’re a great way to help them practice their visual discrimination skills.

Free Ice Cream Memory Printable

Matching Game

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.