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Nursery Essentials: The 17 Products You Need in a Minimalists Nursery

Inside: Find all the nursery essentials your little one will need for their room. Plus, banish overwhelm when getting ready for baby with this guide.

Planning for a nursery can be insanely overwhelming!

I get it. I’ve been sucked into the “I must have that item I’ve never heard of before, but sounds insanely useful” mindset time and time again. In fact, I purchased many-a-items for my first child that I just didn’t need or use. What a waste of money!

In the past I’ve talked about the top 25 baby registry items that you must have, but now I want to show you how to have a beautiful, functional nursery without tons of junk cluttering the room.

Call it minimalist or streamlined, just don’t call it skimping, because this nursery is loaded with style and contains all the nursery essentials you need.

This fabulous guide shows you how to use nursery essentials to create a minimalist nursery filled with style and function. And bonus: it comes with a FREE nursery planning checklist! Click through for all the source details and to download your free checklist.

This post contains affiliate links to help better serve your needs. You can read my full disclosure here.

Nursery Essentials

  1. Pillows: At first thought you may think that pillows are not a necessity for a nursery, but I’d respectfully disagree. They add a sense of warmth and livability in the room that takes a minimalist nursery from sterile and barren to cozy in a snap! Don’t go crazy with a ton of pillows, but pick one or two that really mesh well with your style and the feel of the room.
  2. Pendant Light: Of course you will need overhead lighting for your baby’s room. Stick with something timeless and neutral so you are able to keep it for years, even when the design of the room may change.
  3. Statement Art: Wall art adds instant charm and mood to the room! Go with one oversized wall print or photograph to keep with the minimalist theme.
  4. Baby Camera: I’ve shared my obsession with baby cameras a few times, but this camera by Nest really does amaze me. And it gives me peace of mind that keeps me from being a crazy person! I can look at it from my phone or desktop and check on my baby whenever my heart desires. Definitely a necessity in my book.
  5. Crib: I don’t think there can be any debate with this item. A crib is the foundation of every nursery, but to maintain the minimalist style buy one with clean lines and in a neutral color.
  6. Rocking Chair: A staple for the nursery, this chair is stylish and functional. Feed your baby or just lull them to sleep with a gentle rocking motion.
  7. Humidifier: I did not originally think a humidifier was a must have in a nursery but boy was I wrong! Every time my little one got sick with the sniffles or experienced dry skin I  thought, “I should buy one”. For some reason I kept putting it off time after time, but then I finally got with the program and boy was I glad I did. Learn from my mistakes and buy one from the get go.
  8. Desk Lamp: A desk lamp for your side table is ideal to not only give a nice visual pop of color to the room, but more importantly to give some much needed light during night time feedings.
  9. Side Table: Again, a side table will be your BFF during all those early weeks and months. It’s a place to have a book on hand to read while feeding baby, a place to set bottles down on, and to hold your desk lamp too.
  10. Night Light: A natural night light, like this Himalayan Salt lamp is great to give just enough of a glow to a room without being blinding. Perfect for late night visits to check on baby!
  11. Mattress: Yes, of course you need a mattress for baby. I love organic mattresses and this mattress is really affordable.
  12. Area Rug: A rug really anchors the feel and style of the room. It gives massive impact for one object and is definitely a necessity if you have hard flooring in the baby’s room. Just make sure you add a non-slip rug backing or tape, so it doesn’t slide around on a smooth floor.
  13. Wall Shelf: A natural wood shelf like this one is great for holding sentimental pieces or even some cute plush animals for baby.
  14. Dresser: A dresser with a changing table on top is ideal because it has two functions in the room; one for storage and one for easy diaper changing. Try to find one that’s neutral and that can “grow” with your baby’s style.
  15. White Noise Machine: This noise conditioner is a dream for parents! It has helped my kiddos countless times fall asleep faster and stay asleep through tons of loud background noises. I think it’s so fabulous, that I would consider giving this out at every baby shower I attend!
  16. Footstool: A footstool or ottoman will help you get more comfortable when feeding baby, especially if you’re nursing. This one is low profile, neutral and can be easily tucked away in a corner.
  17. Storage: A storage basket like this one will be invaluable once your little bundle of joy has accumulated a mass of toys the size of San Francisco. Instead of having to neatly organize things, just toss ’em in and slap on the lid. Done.

As you can see, when you really pare it down, there aren’t that many nursery essentials that must go in your baby’s room. It’s nice to realize that before you get thrown into the baby registry phase and feel completely overwhelmed.

To help you stick to your plan, I’ve also created a bonus free printable nursery planning checklist that includes all of these  items (plus a few extras) listed out for you in one place. To download it simply enter your info in the box below.

Download your FREE copy of this nursery planning checklist to avoid overwhelm and overpaying when planning for your little baby's room!

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