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Panda Handprint Craft (Free Template)

Looking for a fun and easy craft that’s perfect for young children? This panda handprint craft, crafted with paper and glue, is designed specifically for little ones to enjoy while learning about a beloved zoo animal.

This activity is perfect for both parents and teachers, as it encourages creativity and helps develop fine motor skills through simple, enjoyable steps.

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Cover Image of Panda Handprint Craft with the word Panda Handprint Craft For Kids in the middle

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This papercraft not only introduces little ones to the world of pandas but also ties into broader educational themes like animal habitats and conservation.

As children assemble their panda handprints, it’s a great opportunity to discuss where pandas live, what they eat, and why they are an endangered species.

This can spark great conversations about nature and the environment, making your craft session an enriching educational experience that goes beyond just fun and creativity.

Panda Handprint Craft

This fun and easy project will spark kids’ creativity, and help them develop fine motor skills, scissor skills, and hand-eye coordination as they trace, cut, and paste.

Grab our free template and check out our step-by-step instructions down below. With just a little imagination and a few supplies, you’ll have a sweet keepsake to cherish. 



Start by downloading the panda template and printing it out. Once you have the template printed, gather the materials needed for this fun activity. Get those scissors ready, and let’s help the kids bring this panda to life!

Hand holding Panda Handprint Craft template

Help your child trace their hand onto a piece of black paper and cut it out. Position it with the fingers pointed to the left and the thumb on top.

First, guide your child to glue the body to the palm portion of the handprint.

Hand gluing body of Panda Handprint Craft

Next, help your child to glue the head to the thumb.

Hand gluing head of Panda Handprint Craft

Finally, encourage your child to glue the bamboo stick in between the panda’s legs.

Hand gluing bamboo stick of Panda Handprint Craft
Hand gluing bamboo stick of Panda Handprint Craft

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Hand holding finished example of Panda Handprint Craft

Zoo Theme Ideas

Bring the experience of the zoo home with a variety of zoo themed ideas to keep your little ones entertained and educated.

Keep reading below to find DIY projects, fun educational activities, and interesting books that will immerse your kids into the animal kingdom.

Two finished example of Panda Handprint Craft

Animal Books For Kids

The Fascinating Animal Book For Kids is a great book for curious kiddos! Find facts on almost any animal your child is learning about. This is a great resource to have in your home library collection.

The View At The Zoo is a silly book about all the animals at the zoo. When the people come to take a look at the animals, they see all sorts of sights! But, there’s a twist to this book that you have to read for yourself and laugh about!

Giraffes Can’t Dance is a sweet and fun book about Gerald the Giraffe. He can’t dance, but doesn’t stop trying! He finally finds his own rhythm when he meets an unlikely friend.

Hand holding finished example of Panda Handprint Craft

Free Printable Zoo Animal Crafts

Lion Name Craft – Combine kids’ love of animals with a fun activity to practice spelling their names with this cute lion. It’s a creative way for kids to learn letter recognition and fine motor skills. You can customize it with our editable PDF template to fit your child’s name exactly!

Elephant Popsicle Stick Craft – Kids are always amazed at how big elephants are at the zoo! Now they can create their own elephant buddy at home with popsicle sticks. This fun project will be a hit as they transform it into a lovable elephant with paint and a few supplies.

Collage image of Free Printable Zoo Animal Crafts

Handprint Tiger Craft – Turn your child’s handprint into an adorable tiger with our free template! This is a great way to combine creativity with learning about these magnificent big cats. It’s an easy and engaging activity that kids will love.

Koala Puppet Craft – This fun and simple project has kids create their own cuddly koala friend out of a paper bag. It’s perfect for imaginative play and storytelling and provides a creative way to spend time together and build up essential skills.

Zoo Animal Activities For Kindergarten

For a fun and educational activity your kids will love, grab our free monkey color by numbers! These printables feature three adorable illustrations that your little ones will be excited to reveal by coloring in each numbered space.

As they color each number with its coordinating color, they’ll improve their color and number recognition, increase their vocabulary with color words, and develop fine motor skills. Once they’ve finished, they’ll have colorful monkey pictures they’ll be proud to display in a place of honor – like the fridge!

Featured image of Panda Handprint Craft

These zoo animal worksheets are a good way to bring the fun of the zoo home and to get preschoolers and pre-K children engaged in a variety of educational activities.

This set features cute zoo animals on each sheet and covers letter recognition, counting, memory, patterns, simple addition, handwriting, and more. Kids will enjoy 24 pages of learning fun, including a zoo animal memory game, counting activities, letter mazes, strip puzzles, and handwriting practice.

These printables are hours of fun for your wild ones!

Collage image of Zoo Animal Activities For Kindergarten

Your little cubs will have fun learning with our lion worksheets! These roar-some activities focus on learning the letter ‘L’ and its sound. Kids can trace and practice writing the letter to enhance their handwriting skills.

They’ll also enjoy fun challenges like completing a letter maze and labeling the parts of a lion which help out with letter recognition and reading comprehension. Encourage early learning with our interactive worksheets where each activity is designed to make learning enjoyable and educational!

Finished example of Panda Handprint Craft

Introduce your toddlers and preschoolers to a neat water sensory play activity with this washing zoo animals sensory bin! This engaging setup lets kids immerse themselves in imaginative play as they clean up their muddy zoo animals. It’s easy to prepare and kids love it!

As they wash off the animals, they’re learning early cleaning habits like washing dishes in a playful way. It’s a perfect blend of learning and playtime that your little ones will adore!

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Hand holding finished example of Panda Handprint Craft

Panda Handprint Craft

Prep Time: 8 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 18 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Creating a panda handprint craft is a fantastic way to introduce kids to them when learning about zoo animals. They’ll be excited to see their handprint turn into a cute panda hanging out on some bamboo! 


  • Colored cardstock or construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Panda template


  1. Download the panda template, print it, and cut out the pieces you need. Trace your child's hand onto a piece of black paper and cut it out.
  2. Arrange the handprint with the fingers pointing to the left and the thumb on top. Begin by gluing the body to the palm portion of the handprint.
  3. Next, glue the head to the thumb.
  4. Finish off by gluing the bamboo stick in between the panda's legs.

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Handprint Panda Bear Template

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