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Pirate Worksheets For Kids

Need some no-prep worksheets for the kids to do this summer? These pirate worksheets for kids are perfect!

They cover a wide range of topics including handwriting practice, recognizing patterns, graphing, counting, learning beginning sounds, and more.

These printables are suitable for preschool, pre k, and kindergarten children.

Also, be sure to check out all of our preschool worksheets for even more ideas.

printable pirate activities image collage with the words pirate worksheets

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Pirate Printables For Preschool

This printable pirate bundle is loaded with fun activities for kids to do that are great for young kids to do!

Pirate Connect The Dot Worksheets

These classic dot to dot printables are still fun for kids today. They’re also great for working on fine motor skills, counting, and number recognition.

We’ve included a pirate hat dot to dot worksheet and a pirate ship worksheet.

printable pirate connect the dots

Pirate Counting Mats

There are also 10 pirate counting mats included. There are a few different ways for kids to play with these mats.

Have them use yellow play dough to create their own gold coins and place that number in the ten frame boxes. Then, have them shape their play dough into the number on the page.

Keep it super simple by letting your kids use crayons to color in the gold coins, fill in that number of boxes in the ten frames, and trace the letter and color in the treasure box.

printable pirate counting mats

If you want to make them reusable, be sure to laminate them before first use, then let the kids use them with dry-erase markers.

Other ideas for using filling in the tens frames include using mini erasers, pom poms, bingo chips, or cereal!

Pirate Handwriting Worksheets

Young kids need lots of repetition to learn how to write. These pirate-themed handwriting worksheets are a great way to work on these skills!

This set included six different worksheets featuring the letters C, H, M, P, S, and T.

Print them off for one-time use or laminate them and use them repeatedly!

printable pirate handwriting worksheets

Free Pirate Memory Game

We’ve also included these pirate flashcards for kids to play with. We love using these as a matching game. Just print out two copies, cut, and play!

printable pirate memory game

You can also use them to talk about colors, objects, animals, and more. For more ideas, check out these fun ways to use flashcards!

Pirate Graphing Worksheet

Introduce preschool and kindergarten kids to basic math ideas with this graphing printable. Assemble the spinner, then let the kids spin and mark on the corresponding worksheet.

Once your child has reached 5 spins on one object, write the total number graphed for each object on the bottom line.

printable pirate worksheets

Finish The Pattern & Beginning Sounds

These worksheets are more fun ways to keep the kids learning! Help kids recognize and finish patterns with these cute printables.

The beginning sounds worksheets will allow kids to listen for and recognize which letter each object begins with.

printable pirate worksheets

You can buy the entire set below or if you’d like to try a sample first, be sure to enter your email in the form at the end of this post to download the free pirate memory game!

Summer Ideas For Kids

Ah, summertime! For kids, it’s a time to sleep in, play outside, and just have fun.

But it’s also a time when they can easily get bored. To keep those little minds active and engaged, it’s important to have a list of activities on hand that are both educational and entertaining.

To help, we’ve compiled our favorite ideas, crafts, and activities that are perfect for summer. Read on to pick the best ones for your kids below!

Kids’ Summer Books

Reading out loud to kids is a great way to help them develop essential reading skills. When children hear someone reading aloud, they learn to identify different letter sounds and how they combine to form words.

They also start to understand the connection between spoken language and written text. In addition, listening to stories helps kids develop their imagination and expands their understanding of the world.

Reading aloud to kids is a fun and easy way to help them build important literacy skills that will benefit them for years to come! Choose one or more of these fun summer books to read to your kids.

How To Catch A Mermaid is the summer version of the classic “How To Catch” series! It’s perfect for mermaid fans and summer lovers alike!

Gorilla Loves Vanilla is all about, you guessed it – ice cream! This silly book will have kids laughing and asking for you to read it again and again.

Goodnight Pirate is a fun bedtime book to read to kids all summer long! They’ll love the illustrations, story, and rhyming words.

Summer Kids’ Crafts

Crafting is not just a fun hobby, it can also be beneficial for children’s development. The process of creating something can help kids to develop fine motor skills, as well as learn to follow instructions and solve problems.

In addition, crafting can also foster creativity and self-expression. All of these skills are important in helping children to succeed in school and in life, so why not add in some more fun summer crafts!

summer crafts image collage

Mermaid Paper Bag Craft – These delightful little mermaid puppets are so much fun for kids to make and play with! The boy and girl mermaids each have their own unique look, and they’re both so cute.

Paper Plate Pirate Craft – Ye be needin’ to make this fun paper plate pirate craft with yer little ones. They can paint, cut out and glue their way to a swashbucklin’ good time. And don’t forget the eye patch!

Humpback Whale Headband Craft – Looking for a fun ocean-themed craft to keep the kids busy this summer? Look no further than this adorable humpback whale headband! Made from paper, this craft is simple enough for even the youngest crafters to handle. And once it’s complete, they’ll have a cute accessory to wear!

Summer Activities For Kids

printable summer activities for kids image collage

Summer is the perfect time to break out these ice cream cutting activity pages! Not only are they fun to use, but they also help kids practice their scissor skills!

These summer color by number printables are perfect for kids who want to stay busy and have some fun. Not only do they get to color, but they also get to practice fine motor skills and number recognition. These printables are great for a rainy day or a hot summer day when kids need something to do!

If you’re looking for a fun and educational activity for your kids this summer, look no further than summer do a dot printables! These printables are great for reinforcing letter recognition, helping kids to identify patterns, and developing fine motor skills. Plus, kids love them!

Free Pirate Memory Download

Free Pirate Memory

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Monday 25th of May 2020

I love this! I'm going to have the grandkids over and throw a pirate party with pirate food (suggestions anyone?), your activities, and a movie by Veggie Tales, "The Pirates who Don't Do Anything." Maybe we'll launch popcorn from a homemade cannon and sail paper boats in the kiddie pool. Thank you.

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Monday 25th of May 2020

That sounds like such a fun day!! You’re welcome and hope you guys have fun!

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