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Simple DIY Toy Story 4 Birthday Party

With the new Toy Story 4 movie release, there’s been a sudden resurgence in all things Toy Story!

Kids everywhere are watching or rewatching the first, second and third Toy Story movies and soaking up all the fun characters.

If your child is asking for a Toy Story 4 birthday party, you’re in the right place!

We’ve got tons of simple and doable ideas for you to DIY or purchase your way right to an awesome Toy Story 4 party!

Read on below to see all the great ideas and inspiration.

Toy Story 4 Party Invitations

The first thing we always do when planning a party is find the perfect invitations!

This year, we did things a little bit different and used electronic invitations. We found this awesome video invitation that you can email or text to friends and we couldn’t resist it! Check it out below to see just how fun it is:

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Here are a few screen shots from our invite:

toy story 4 invitation
Toy Story 4 digital invitation screenshot
Toy Story 4 digital invitation screenshot

All you have to do is give the seller your party details and in about a day, you get this super fun and interactive video invitation!

If you like traditional invitations, we would suggest these cool and modern Toy Story 4 invites.

Toy Story 4 Birthday Supplies

After we have the invitations selected and ready to go, we start planning all the decorations!

If you’re having this party at your house, that usually means you’ll need decorations in a few areas including:

  • the table to eat at
  • the table or counter where the food will be
  • a focal point
  • general decorations through the rest of the space

We’re going to break it up for you to see how we decorated each of the spaces.

Toy Story 4 Party Table

Since Toy Story 4 revolves a lot around the carnival, we wanted to keep the decorations fun and colorful!

We always use disposable paper plates for the table settings, but this time we got these cool and modern low lipped plates.

toy story 4 table setting
toy story 4 party table

We used a large red plate and smaller yellow plate to add color and dimension. Then, each setting was topped with a mini Woody cowboy hat. These were decoration of course, but also doubled as a simple party favor!

We used bright green cups as a nod to the Toy Story aliens and a blue striped paper straw.

To tie in all the Toy Story colors we had a dark blue napkin and a bright yellow fork.

On the left of the plates, we cut out Toy Story clouds to act like placemats for each guest. We’ve included a free printable download of the cloud shape for you at the end of this post.

toy story 4 party table centerpiece

For the centerpiece along the table, we wanted to keep it simple and fun! Since the birthday boy loved Toy Story we had tons of Toy Story toys to choose from.

Toy Story 4 party table

We took colored paper in red, yellow and blue, to represent the Toy Story logo and used large punches to cut out circles in a few different sizes. These were scattered along the center of the table, from end to end.

Next we used these cute little plastic bowls from Walmart to give some height to the different toys. We then placed the toys all around the center, with some on top of the bowls and some directly on the table.

Toy Story 4 party table

With the shortage of helium still abounding in our area, we bought balloon sticks and used air to fill up three mini balloons in red, yellow and blue and placed them on the table.

Closeup of Woody on Toy Story 4 party table
Toy Story 4 party table

Toy Story 4 Birthday Banner

Our focal decorating area was our fireplace!

Toy Story 4 party decorations on fireplace

We used a bunch of honeycomb balls in various shades of red, yellow and blue to decorate the mantle.

toy story 4 birthday banner

We also used this printable Toy Story birthday banner to string along the mantle.

With the Toy Story 4 movie screen saver in the background, we were set for a fabulous party!

Closeup of Toy Story 4 party decorations on fireplace
Toy Story 4 party decorations on fireplace

Toy Story 4 Birthday Decorations

With all the toys we had on hand, we decided to make this the focal point of all of our decorations.

On either side of the fireplace, we have dressers that we decorated with a couple more honeycomb balloons and toys. On one side we had the evil Emperor Zurg and on the other we had the Pizza Planet truck with an alien inside!

toy story 4 party decorations
Close up of Toy Story 4 party decorations

We had all of the food along one side of our kitchen island. On each end, we added toys to give it that fun vibe we were going for. On the left we had the Pizza Planet Imaginext station and on the right we had the Buzz Lightyear space ship station.

Toy Story 4 party food

One especially fun little corner of decorations were the dangling army men. We bought these jumbo green army men and used white yarn to dangle them from the window valance. Everyone loved how big they were!

Toy Story 4 army men decoration
toy story party decorations

We brought out all our Toy Story plushes and set them on the couch for decoration.

Toy Story stuffed animals

Toy Story Piñatas

forky pinata

If you love having pinatas at your child’s parties, you’ll love this handmade Forky pinata. Right now, you’ll also get $5 off if you use “code737” at checkout!

Want to save on costs? Go with this alien pinata or this Buzz Lightyear one.

Toy Story 4 Birthday Shirt Ideas

Every year we plan on getting a themed birthday shirt for our kids’ parties and every year, we forget until after it’s too late!

If you want to be ready for your child’s party and you’re looking for some cute ideas, we’ve found the best ones for you below.

Toy Story 4 birthday shirt for kids

Try this Toy Story shirt is you want a basic white t-shirt with a lot of the Toy Story characters on there. You can personalize it with your child’s name and age.

Toy Story 4 birthday shirt

If your child loves Buzz Lightyear and you want a stylish t-shirt, snag this Toy Story party t that has your child’s age in the form of Buzz Lightyear.

Got a Woody fan instead? You can get the same style Toy Story shirt looking like your favorite cowboy too!

Toy Story 4 Party Food Ideas

Another central area of decorations was the kitchen island. If you’re wondering how to decorate this space, keep reading for our simple ideas!

Toy Story 4 Birthday Cake

Since our birthday boy has about a bajillion food allergies, we had to get him a specially made treat, however we have lots of fun ideas on how to DIY a Toy Story 4 cake.

Of course, you can always go the route of a store bough sheet cake with a Toy Story 4 edible image or plastic toys.

We like a more modern look, so we usually purchase a round cake at Target and use cake toppers to complete the look. For this party theme, we’d suggest a bright yellow cake and printable Toy Story cake toppers like these ones or these adorable fondant cake toppers.

toy story 4 cupcakes
toy story 4 cupcake toppers

If you prefer cupcakes, we’d suggest something similar. We bought cupcakes with bright yellow frosting and customized them at home with these red sprinkles, these yellow sprinkles (similar), and these blue ball shaped sprinkles (similar). After sprinklizing them we added these printable cupcake toppers to them.

Toy Story 4 Party Food Ideas

Let me start out by saying that our food choices are a little strange. They’re not your typical birthday party foods, but that’s only because the birthday boy has so many food allergies and we wanted him to be able to have everything that was out.

toy story 4 party food labels

So, with that in mind, here’s what we ended up with:

  • Gabby Gabby grapes
  • Slinky sauce
  • Caboom candy
  • Combat Carl crackers
  • Potato Head popcorn
  • Bullseye blueberries
  • Buzz Bananas
Closeup of Toy Story 4 food
Closeup of Toy Story 4 food
Closeup of Toy Story 4 food

Obviously, you can think of the food you want to use and then find a Toy Story character whose name starts with the same letter.

We used these printable Toy Story food label cards and printed them out on white card stock.

Closeup of Toy Story 4 food
Toy Story 4 party food

Toy Story 4 Party Favors

Party favors are one of our favorite parts of planning a party! And with the popularity of Toy Story, there are tons of party favors to choose from.

We decided to keep it simple and use these felt Toy Story masks as our party favor. They are so amazing! They were such a good price that I wasn’t sure if they’d be high quality but they definitely are. We love that they can actually be used by the kids after the party since they’re not typical cheap party favors.

toy story 4 party favors

We used red and yellow ribbon and these printable favor tags to keep with the theme.

If you like edible party favors, these personalized Toy Story cookies are amazing! This Toy Story mini cookie set is super adorable too!

For toy related party favors we prefer buying packs or sets of items and then dividing them between the guests as favors. If your guests are really young, they’ll love this little people Toy Story set. Older kids will appreciate these minis.

Toy Story 4 Party Games & Activities

Since we were entertaining 4 and 5 year olds, we kept the games simple and classic.

Toy Story 4 birthday bingo
toy story 4 party game

First, we played bingo using these printable Toy Story bingo cards. The great thing about these cards was that there are 30 unique cards included so you’ll have plenty for all the guests to play.

Build your own Forky craft station
Build your own Forky craft station

After we played bingo, we moved on to our create a Forky station. We had all the supplies for each child to make a spork friend. Check out our post, How To Make A Forky Craft for all the details on making Forky.

Because we had young children we also had Toy Story 4 Forky coloring pages and crayons out for them to color whenever they wanted.

Since our party was just a few weeks before Halloween and my older son was dressing up as Forky, he made a “Meet Forky” station, complete with homemade sign.

Forky costume

Share With Us

Did you throw your child a Toy Story 4 themed party? If so, we’d love to see the pics.

Share them with us on our Facebook page or join our private Facebook group and share them in there!

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