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11 Baby’s First Christmas Gifts That Will Actually Get Used

Babies are so fickle.

One day they love their stuffed bunny rabbit to death and the next day they chuck it out the window while you’re driving 70 mph on the freeway. This split personality is exactly what makes it difficult to know what gift they’ll actually enjoy.

And if you don’t have experience with babies? Well, you’re playing a losing hand.

But I’ve gathered 11 of my favorite baby’s first Christmas gifts that kids actually enjoy using.

In fact, one of the gifts on my list ranks as the number one gift my kids have ever received. As in, I bought it for my first son 5 years ago, he loved it and played with it all the time and now my second son plays with it. Sometimes with his older brother. It’s sitting in the corner of the room right at this moment.

And now I’ll officially name it the toy of the year.

That’s how good these toys are. So, relax, and read below for all the details on these Christmas gifts for baby.

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Fun & Practical Baby’s First Christmas Gift Ideas

baby sitting with the words the best baby's first christmas gifts at the top

These all earn my vote for best baby’s first Christmas gifts. Let me know in the comments below if there are any toys your baby loved that I missed. 

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