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16 Awesome Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Will Make You A Hero

I never wanted to have kids growing up.

I thought they were whiney, sticky, gross little humans that I was certain I never was.

And then I fast-forwarded my life 10 years and I had two.

And not just any two. Two very boyish boys. Who laugh when they fart. Who like to climb over any piece of furniture, fastened or unfastened, to the ground. Who play by yelling at each other and sitting on each other’s heads.

It’s like spring break in Cancun up in here sometimes.

And yet I wouldn’t trade them in for anything. Unless that thing was my personal sanity and a piece of never ending, salt-crusted, dark chocolate that was zero calories.

Then I’d just lend them out every once in a while; you know, when things got real bad. Ok, ok, I’m obviously joking. There’s never going to be zero calorie chocolate. It’s a scientific impossibility.

But the thing is, looking back I’m certainly glad that I was the first one of my friends to have a baby. Because I didn’t know what the heck kinda gift a soon to be childbearing person would actually want or use.

But now, with some time and experience under my belt, I have 16 totally awesome baby shower gift ideas that your friends will actually love.

Some of the gifts are funny. Some are sentimental. And some are practical. But all of them will make you look like your the kind of friend who knows all about the mom lifestyle. And that will make you the baby shower hero!

Give your friends the best baby shower gifts with these quirky, sentimental, and practical baby shower gift ideas.

Awesome Baby Shower Gift Ideas

For The Quirky Mama

  1. Mysterio Predicts Your Child’s Future: Mysterio is all-wise and all-knowing. He’ll give it to your friends straight; They might have the next Mayor of Hoboken. Or they might have a criminal mastermind. Only Mysterio knows…
  2. Funny Burp Cloth: #truth. Let your baby in on the secret to long term breastfeeding: NO BITING ALLOWED.
  3. Safe Baby Handling Tips: Worried if your friends will know how to take care of a sweet, innocent baby? Give them a subtle push in the right direction with the safe baby handling tips book.
  4. Taco Dream Mobile: Have a taco fiend for a best friend? Then this taco baby mobile is their dream come true. Only problem is it might induce lots of late night cravings. It’s a funny taco gift idea. Yo quiero Taco Bell.

For The Sentimental Mama

  1. Letters To My Baby: Give your child 12 sweet, cute or funny snapshots into their life as a young child with these adorable letters to baby.
  2. Mom’s One Line A Day Book: A journal a busy mom may actually be able to complete; just one line every day for five years. Or if you’re like me, one line a day for a week and then it gets hidden in your desk drawer for 3 years. Either way, A for effort.
  3. Baby Journal: This sweet baby book includes tons of hand drawn illustrations and plenty of prompts so you don’t have to spend 20 minutes filling out one page about who all came to the hospital the day your baby was born. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
  4. Custom Heartbeat Necklace: I totally want 2 of these for each of my boys! All you have to do is send a picture of the sonogram and your baby’s heartbeat is etched in the necklace. Gah, what a perfectly sentimental gift!!!

For The Practical Mama

  1. Mamaroo Bouncer: I had one of these when they first came out and it was so-so. BUT the new models are faster, have more motion choices and are all around great choices for a crabby, stressed out baby.
  2. Sophie The Giraffe Teether: A $25 teething toy does seem a bit outrageous, but Sophie’s French origins and vintage look lured me in. Plus babies love ’em!
  3. Dohm Sound Machine: I’ve talked about this white noise workhorse here and here, but bottom line is it is a lifesaver.
  4. Bandana Bibs: These bibs seem trendy, but that’s only because your baby can look cute and not need to have his outfit changed 12 times a day due to St. Bernard-like drool. Trust me, it happens.

For The Health-Conscious Mama

  1. Head & Ear Thermometer: I currently have the head (temporal) thermometer and love it, but this one has even better reviews and you can use it in the ear as well, so why not get this instead?! I’m sold.
  2. Banana Toothbrush: Both my maniac teethers have loved this toothbrush. We used it double duty as a toothbrush and a teething toy. Score.
  3. Honest Company Gift Set: Give the natural mama to be a sampling of the best of the Honest company with this gift set. It has all the baby basics in one stylish and sustainable wooden container.
  4. Amber Teething Necklace: These amber stones seem like voodoo power in a necklace, but I swear they work (if your baby wears them the majority of the time). What’ve you got to lose anyway? Just a crabby, anger, beaver-like baby with no respect for wooden cribs. Not that I had any babies that fit that description…

And there you have it. Totally fun and useful baby shower gift ideas for the friend who’s riding the baby train. Hand picked by yours truly so you can spend just a little longer lounging at home in your quiet, organized and completely booger-free house, instead of looking for that elusive baby shower gift.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.