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14 Cheap Teacher Appreciation Gifts That Are Sure To Wow

Find the perfect gift for your child’s teacher that stays within your budget with these cheap teacher appreciation gifts

These last 6 years of raising a kid, I was certain of one thing:

It was the most difficult job on the planet.

Endless sleepless nights, cleaning up bodily fluids way more often than you ever imagined, and worrying every time your kid opened their mouth to talk to another adult.

Being a mom is definitely not my idea of an easy occupation. But it turns out there’s one job that’s right up there on the same playing field:

Being a Teacher.

Instead of having one, two, or three kids to take care of, you’re suddenly hurled 30 excited and talkative children.

All at once.

And all in a confined space.

Your job is to settle them down, keep them occupied, make sure everyone understands the lesson on their own level, manage snack time, be a referee, be their away from home shoe tie-er, and not end up crying in the corner before school gets out a 3 pm each day.

Um, no thanks.

I’ll stick with being a mom and giving profuse thanks to my son’s teachers instead.

And of course, nothing says thank you quite like a gift (especially during teacher appreciation week).

Below are some of my favorite inexpensive teacher appreciation gifts. Don’t worry; you’ll find one perfect for your teacher too!

21 Easy & Cheap Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Which teacher appreciation gift idea is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.