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How To Create A Classy & Cute Minnie Mouse Nursery

You know “those kids”? The ones whose parents spoiled them rotten and you were jealous that it wasn’t you.

Apparently as a small child I was one of them. My parents claim that as a young kid they took me to Disneyland or Disney world several times a year.

But guess what? I don’t remember a single visit!  All that time spent lugging two young kids around a busy park, trying to entertain them while waiting in line, all the while trying not to sweat to death. And the cost! Let’s not forget the cost; you could charter a rocket to the moon for the price of a family pack of tickets to Disneyland.

All of it wasted. Sorry mom and dad. At least you had good memories, right?

Let me tell you a little secret: your kids will not remember going to Disneyland when they’re young.

So I say you forgo the theme park, tell them you went when they were too young to remember and explain that all the pictures were inexplicably damaged beyond repair when Dad “accidentally” dumped his entire 64 oz Root Beer big gulp right on the pictures.

Of course I’m kidding. At least about the Root Beer; Dad always was a Coca Cola type guy.

But here’s a realistic alternative- turn your little girl’s room into a fabulous minnie mouse nursery! Then she’ll be surrounded by the wonder and awe of Disney each and every day.
Create the perfect Disney nursery for your little girl with this adorable Minnie Mouse nursery. It's cute and features a red, black and tan color palette. Click through for all the sources.

This baby room is the perfect blend of modern and retro Disney. The artwork is vintage style and just take a look at that adorable little girl in mouse ears illustration. I die! Then mix in the modern rug, glider and crib (not to mention the on point dalmatian print pillows) and you’ll have the ideal blend of old and new. It’s almost too much fun for one room. Almost.

This post contains affiliate links to help better serve your needs. You can read my full disclosure here.

Minnie Mouse Nursery

  1. Fun Wheel Print
  2. Hello Wall Plaque
  3. Danika Pendant Light
  4. Disney Castle Print
  5. Minnie & Mickey Print
  6. Minnie 6 Print
  7. Dalmatian Print Pillow
  8. Andersen Crib in Maple
  9. Red Gourd Table Lamp
  10. Jenny Lind Dresser in White
  11. Mouse Ear Wooden Teether
  12. Sparrow Glider
  13. Chelsea End Table
  14. Arrowstix Rug in Red
  15. Round Belly Baskets
  16. Candy Stripe Fitted Sheet in Red
  17. Black Noir Stripe Crib Sheet
  18. Freshly Picked Moccasins in Birch
  19. Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum Pillow

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.