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Disney Easter Egg Decorating Ideas For The Family

There’s no contest in my head that Disney movies are the best family movies around.

Going to the theater to see the newest Disney movie is one of my favorite ways to connect with my kids.

Almost every year I think there’s no way they’ll be able to top last year’s movie and somehow they always do!

Last year, we made Star Wars Easter eggs, so this year I decided to extend it to some of our favorite Disney characters.

Celebrate the Easter season and your family’s love of Disney movies with these Disney Easter egg decorating ideas everyone will love!

They’re part of a growing collection of easy Easter crafts for kids!

There are so many amazing characters to choose from, so it was really difficult to narrow it down, but I finally settled on Olaf, Mike Wazowski, Stitch, Buzz Lightyear, Miguel Rivera and Vanelope Von Schweetz.

Read on to learn how to easily make these Disney Easter eggs at home.

6 Fun Disney Easter Egg Ideas To Try This Year

Disney Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

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These Disney eggs are so easy to make, which is a prerequisite for me whenever I do any crafts with my kids.

Before we get started, here’s a list of supplies you’ll need.


Disney Easter Egg Decorated


Disney Egg Decorating Directions:

Depending on the age of your kids, you may need to do some prep work to get the eggs ready for decorating. You can hard boil your eggs or use a sewing need to punch two holes in the eggs and blow it out.

Or you could go my lazy way and just paint regular ole’ eggs  (just be sure no one breaks them)!

After your eggs are ready, paint each egg it’s corresponding color (Olaf and Buzz don’t need to be painted). I painted each egg with about 4-6 thin coats to get a more even look. The Spa Blue paint was too thin for my taste, so if I was doing it again, I’d find another brand to paint Vanelope’s egg.

Disney Easter Eggs: Miguel from Coco

Print out all the printables on thick, heavy, white paper. Cut out the base wraps and the corresponding heads. If you have young children, let them cut out the base wraps while you do the more intricate head pieces.

Wrap the base piece around the egg to determine the size needed, then secure with tape or a glue dot.

Place the egg on the base wrap and then use a glue dot to secure the face to the front of the egg.

For Stitch, fold the ears on the dotted lines and use half a glue dot on each side to secure his ears to the side of the egg.

For Buzz, use two glue dots in the middle of his wings to secure them to the back of the egg.

For Mike, fold the two horns on the dotted lines and use a tiny dot of glue to secure them to his head.

Disney Easter Egg Decorations
Disney Easter Egg Decorating: Stitch

That’s it!

These really are some of the easiest Easter eggs we’ve decorated and there is at least one step even the youngest of toddlers can do to help make them.

I hope your family loves this Disney activity for kids!

Disney Easter Eggs: Vanelope

If your little ones love Disney princesses, they’ll have a blast using this princess paper doll printable!

More Easter Activities For Kids

There are so many great Easter books for kids, but these are some of our favorites. Grab them from the library or buy them to add to your child’s collection! They’re great for helping your child develop a larger vocabulary, focus, and more!

Happy Easter Mouse – Everyone knows Mouse from the classic If You Give A Mouse A Cookie book, but now he’s back and ready to celebrate Easter! Kids will love watching him as he goes on an Easter egg hunt!

Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure – Join Pete as he races to help the Easter bunny just in time for Easter! This is another new classic kids rate as a must-have!

It’s Not Easy Being A Bunny – Follow PJ the bunny as he tries to discover what kind of animal he’d rather be instead of a bunny! It’s a silly story with a great lesson.

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