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Color In Dr Seuss Bookmarks [Free Printable]

Celebrate Dr. Seuss every time you open a book when you use these free Dr Seuss printable bookmarks featuring Horton, Thing 1, The Lorax and the Cat in the Hat. 

I’m convinced Dr. Seuss’s books are the standard classic children’s book.

They’re so whimsical, silly and wonderfully written that they appeal to generation after generation of kids.

My personal favorite as a kid was Green Eggs and Ham, just because there was a character named Sam in it, but as an adult, I’ve become pretty partial to The Lorax.

Whatever Dr. Seuss book is the favorite in your house, every Seuss lover will enjoy these printable Dr. Seuss bookmarks of Horton, Thing 1, The Lorax and the Cat in the Hat. 

Since we love coloring pages so much we made these black and white so kids can have a simple activity to do on Dr. Seuss’s birthday. 

And, if you need more coloring pages, try out all of our coloring pages for kids.

Free Printable Dr. Seuss Bookmarks

Thing 1, The Lorax, The Cat in the Hat and Horton paper bookmarks

Whenever I read books, I’m always desperate to find a bookmark.

Somehow, as soon as I’m done reading a book, the bookmarks seem to make their way to the trash without me realizing.

4 Dr. Seuss bookmarks
Four Dr. Seuss books with Dr. Seuss character bookmarsk

For some reason, I absolutely cannot stand to turn the corner of the page down, especially if it’s a new book.

There’s something about it that kills me a little inside when a fresh, crisp piece of paper is destroyed like that.

Weird, I know, but it’s true.

two dr seuss books with Thing 1 and The Cat in the Hat bookmarks

Since my first grader is reading chapter books now and I always need some new bookmarks, I decided to create. these Dr Seuss bookmarks as a fun little activity for us.

There’s a full-color version if you want to print and be done or you can print the black and white version and color them in with your kids.

Either way, these bookmarks are perfect for the Dr. Seuss fan!

More Dr. Seuss Resources For Kids

Books are a great way to get even further in a theme! On top of that, reading to kids helps them develop a stronger vocabulary and helps them learn to focus. It’s a win win situation!

Are You My Mother? is a cute book about a little bird who’s trying to find his mom in a big world!

Oh, The Places You’ll Go! – This book is a classic Dr. Seuss book about the ups and downs of life. It’s such a great read!

Dr. Seuss Second Book Collection– This boxed set of of five Beginner Books by Dr. Seuss—The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, Dr. Seuss’s ABC, Oh Say Can You Say?, Oh the Thinks You Can Think!, and I Can Read with My Eyes Shut! is a great addition to your home library.

Kids will actually want to take a bath when they use these Lorax bath bombs. Get ready for Dr. Seuss dress up day with this Dr. Seuss dress or these Thing 1 & Thing 2 shirts.

Get Lots Of Fun Coloring Printables!

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Michelle D

Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

Can you send me the link to the Dr. Seuss Bookmarks. Great idea!

Sam T

Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

Of course! All you need to do is enter your email in the form at the end of this post to have the link sent to you ?

Pat Longly

Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

We are having a Dr. Seuss program at our children's museum and these bookmarks will be one of our centers. Thanks so much! Clever idea.

Sam T

Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

Oh, perfect!


Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

These are so adorable!

Sam T

Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

Aw, thanks, Caitlin!

Elyse Buckley

Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

Very cute!

Sam T

Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

Thanks, Elyse!


Monday 1st of March 2021


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.