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Ladybug Worksheets For Kids [Free Printable]

We’re enjoying the warmer days outside getting to play and explore with the kids. Now that the plants are growing and flowers are blooming, insects have made their appearance with the warmer days, too.

Kids love pointing out neat insects and bugs when they see them like the bright red ladybugs. Get kids excited to learn with one of their favorite insects with these ladybug worksheets

If you need some more ideas to keep kids learning and having fun this spring, check out some of our cool spring crafts.

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These worksheets are a great way for kids to learn more about the spotted insect while working on beginning literacy skills, scissor skills, and fine motor skills. 

With these worksheets, kids will learn that L is for ladybugs with handwriting practice and a letter recognition maze. They’ll also label a ladybug to learn about its different parts. Read more about what’s included below.

Ladybug Printables

In this printable set, you’ll receive the following worksheets:

  • L is for ladybug handwriting page
  • Label the ladybug worksheet
  • L is for ladybug letter maze

Let’s start off with the ladybug handwriting page. It’s a good way for kids to get some handwriting practice by writing the letter Ll and the word ladybug.

They’ll trace uppercase and lowercase Ll’s and the word ladybug with dashed lines to guide them. As kids use repetition to write the letters, they learn what each letter looks like, which aids with letter recognition.

Up next is the label the ladybug worksheet. Grab the scissors so kids can cut out the labels for each part of the ladybug. Once they get them all cut out, they’ll glue them in the correct place.

ladybug worksheet tracing letter l

They’ll finish up the page by coloring in their ladybug! This activity is a great way for kids to practice scissor skills, fine motor skills, and learn more about these cute insects all in one worksheet.

Finally, kids will make their way through the L is for ladybug letter maze by identifying all the Ll’s. This letter recognition exercise is a fun way for kids to learn what uppercase and lowercase letters look like.

Kids will also use their problem solving skills to help the ladybug make its way from start to finish. 

These three worksheets will improve important skills all while being entertaining!

Spring Ideas For Kids

Get the kids interested in learning through some fun spring crafts and activities.

We have lots of ideas to get kids engaged that they won’t even realize they’re learning. Keep reading below to discover some of our favorites.

Spring Books For Kids

It’s no secret that storytelling stimulates a child’s imagination, helps with language development, and fosters better communication skills. By reading to your children, you’ll also imbue in them a love of literature that can last a lifetime.

This can lead to better academic performance and even contribute to a lifelong love of learning. You’ll be amazed at how much it enriches their lives, and yours too.

Below are some of our favorite spring books for kids.

Ten Little Ladybugs – This cute book is not only fun to read, but also fun to touch! Kids will want to read this book day after day and it helps them learn to count.

Planting a Rainbow – Kids will have a blast learning about colors and flowers in this colorful and engaging book!

Bee – This peek-through picture book is a fun bedtime book for kids! It’s short and keeps the kids’ attention span.

ladybug worksheet label the ladybug

Spring Crafts For Kids

Crafting gives kids a chance to be creative and work on valuable skills at the same time. They’re able to gain fine motor skills, scissor skills, and hand-eye coordination when they craft. It’s also a great way to teach kids patience, to focus, and problem solve.

Kids love the accomplishment of creating something all on their own, so add some fun spring crafts to your child’s day!

Popsicle Stick Frog Craft – Painting is a “ribbiting” activity that kids love to do, so be sure to put this craft on your list. Kids will take popsicle sticks and our free template to create their own froggy friend.

Baa Baa Black Sheep – Incorporate this cute craft into learning the nursery rhyme. Yep, that one you’re reciting in your head right now. There’s a craft version and a color, cut, and paste version for younger kids, too.

spring craft ideas for kids image collage

Chick Card Craft – For a fun spring craft that kids can share once they’re done, be sure to check out this cute chick card! They’ll make a baby bird in its nest and write a sweet message to someone on the inside.

Ladybug Toilet Paper Roll Craft – Give that cardboard tube a makeover and make it into a cute little ladybug! This is a great craft to recycle an everyday item in your home into something fun and creative. Download the template to get crafting today!

Spring Activities For Kids

Kids need some practice using scissors? Try our ladybug cutting practice worksheets. Each sheet provides an opportunity to use scissors in order to complete a task.

They’ll work on controlling the scissors with each cut as well as practicing counting, matching, and spatial awareness with the various activities.

Our butterfly worksheets are a fun way for kids to learn about the letter b and beautiful butterflies! Kids will learn to recognize uppercase and lowercase Bb’s when they navigate their way through the letter maze and practice writing them with the guidance of the dashed lines.

These pages are perfect for building beginning literacy while learning more about these winged insects!

ladybug worksheet letter maze

If you’re looking for a fun no prep activity, take a look at these frog color by numbers. They’re a great way for kids to practice number recognition and fine motor control.

Kids enjoy coloring, and these pages give them a little extra challenge to reveal the seven different frog illustrations. These color pages are so fun, kids will leap for joy when you bring them out to do one afternoon!

Combine learning and fun when teaching kids about some cool bugs with these printable bug activities! This set is filled with lots of pages of fun that will have kids working on memory, patterns, handwriting, and much more.

Your bug loving kids will be buzzing with excitement with each new activity they get to do. 

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Spring Fun

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Ladybug Worksheets

Ladybug Worksheets

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