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Butterfly Cutting Practice Worksheets For Kids [Free Printable]

An important tool for kids to learn to use are scissors. The skills used while cutting are essential for kids’ development.

For a fun way for kids to use their scissors, try our butterfly cutting practice worksheets. These pages give kids intentional practice with scissors with four unique activities.

Be sure to check out our other preschool worksheets that cover a variety of topics that your little ones will love to do.

Butterfly Scissor Worksheets

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Using scissors exercises the small muscles in the hands and wrists which strengthens them, improves their dexterity and fine motor skills. They also help children work on hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

Kids will love the colorful butterflies featured on each page, so they’ll be eager to start cutting right away. They’ll stay engaged with each task that has them counting, matching, and cutting different paths.

These worksheets are perfect to use during the spring and summer when the butterflies are busy pollinating. Working on an insect unit? Incorporate these cutting practice sheets to any butterfly life cycle or insect-themed study.

Whether you use these worksheets at home or in the classroom, they’ll be a hit, so download and print them to get started.

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In this free set of worksheets, you’ll find the following printables perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners:

  • Cut Along the Line Worksheets (2)
  • Counting Worksheet
  • Finish the Picture Cutting Worksheet

Up first are the cutting practice worksheets where kids will follow the dotted line to reach the butterfly. The first page has one big line to follow across the sheet whereas the second page gets progressively harder with each new path. To get a little more practice on fine motor control, have the kids trace the dotted lines. 

On the counting worksheet, kids will count the number of butterflies in each section. They’ll cut and paste the number in the box next to the correct amount of butterflies. This page is a great way for them to practice using their scissors, number recognition, and counting all in one!

The final page has kids using their problem-solving skills to match up the bottom of each butterfly with the correct top. This activity helps kids recognize patterns and spatial awareness. They’ll be excited to see the completed butterfly once each piece is in place.

These cutting practice worksheets are a fun way to improve your child’s scissor skills with a variety of activities that will have them snipping away.

butterfly cutting practice numbers

Spring Ideas For Kids

Continue the fun with some ideas to keep kids busy learning this spring. Get them using their creativity with some of our favorite spring crafts and activities.

We’ve listed some below to get you started.

Spring Books For Kids

This spring, explore the world of books with your kids. Reading opens up new horizons and engaging stories, while also helping to build their vocabularies. Plus, it has been shown to have an undeniably positive effect on learning.

Get your kids away from their phones and computers for a bit and introduce them to the magical realm inside books! Give them a chance to explore, learn new perspectives, and imagine things beyond what they already know – it will be an experience they’ll never forget.

Below are some of our top picks for spring books this year.

Too Many Carrots: This adorable book about a rabbit with way too many carrots will have your kids giggling! When he loads on too many that he can’t even go in his house, he’s on the hunt for somewhere to live. Read what happens as his friends try to help. This book is cute and has a great message of sharing!

Pete The Cat and the Cool Caterpillar: Pete’s new friend is a caterpillar! But when his best buddy goes missing, Pete has to find out what happened to him. He soon realizes he’s going to need a lot of patience to discover what exactly happened to his caterpillar!

I Don’t Want To Be A Frog: Little frog wants to be anything but, you guessed it, a frog. He tries his hand at being a cat, rabbit, pig, and owl, but he just can’t manage to be like them. All along the way, his dad encourages him to just be a frog, but it’s not until he has a surprise run-in with a wolf that he rethinks what it means to be a frog.

butterfly cutting practice match

Spring Crafts For Kids

Crafting is a fun hands-on way for kids to learn. It’s another way for them to build up their scissor skills along with other important skills like recognizing patterns and colors, fine motor control, and more. When kids craft, they nurture their creative and artistic side.

It’s a great form of expression and builds up their self-confidence each time they create something new. Get your kids inspired to craft with some of these fun crafts:

Handprint Bee Craft – This simple and easy to make craft will have your busy bees buzzing with delight. Kids will love to see a bee come to life by just tracing their hand, and excited to show off their latest creation.

Ladybug Headband Craft – Are kids dressed as ladybugs just as lucky as the real thing? Find out and inspire the kids to use their imaginations when they wear their new headbands! Kids can assemble the craft version or color in the black and white version to make their own ladybug headband. 

spring craft ideas image collage

Hatching Chick Craft – What’s that peeking out of there? A fun craft for the kids! This cute paper craft will help kids work on cutting skills, following directions, and focusing. In the end, they’ll have an adorable baby chick hatching from its shell.

Handprint Sheep Craft – Make an adorable keepsake craft this spring with your child’s handprint! They’ll love seeing it transform into a cuddly sheep. Grab the free template, and a few basic craft supplies, and get into the fun!

Spring Activities For Kids

A fun coloring activity that incorporates some learning can be found in these spring color by number printables. As kids color in each number, they’ll reveal 7 different spring illustrations. In addition to learning number and color recognition, these pages are tons of fun for the kids!

Get your bug loving kids excited to learn with these preschool bug activities. They are a fun way for kids to work on patterns, memory, handwriting, fine motor skills, and more!

This set of worksheets has 19 pages that will get kids learning about insects and bugs while working on important skills. 

butterfly cutting practice trace

For a creative art outlet for you kids, be sure to print these free printable sheep coloring pages. They’re a great springtime project, and are easy to prepare since all you have to do is download, print, and go. Grab the crayons or markers for a fun coloring session this spring.

Get your detectives on the case with these spring I Spy printables. Your little detectives will spy spring images from ladybugs to birds. These worksheets are a great way for kids to improve observation, counting, memory, and focus.

Depending on your child’s skill level, there’s an easy version where kids count from 1 to 5 and a harder version where they count from 6 to 10.

butterfly cutting practice dotted line

Spring Fun

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