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How To Create A Vibrant & Fun Dr Seuss Nursery

You remember the days vividly:

As a young child you would snuggle up to Mom on the couch with a snack in one hand and a book in another.

“I want you to read this one Mom.”

“Again?” she’d say. “We read that one 4 times yesterday”

But you didn’t care.

It was amazing. It was crazy. It was a land where anything and everything was possible. Green eggs, ultra tiny creatures, silly cats, mythical animals and more. So much more.

Dr. Seuss wasn’t just another writer. And this Dr Seuss nursery isn’t just another nursery.

It’s a sentimental tribute to your childhood. It’s a space for your baby to learn. To grow. To dream. To imagine. In this space they’re safe from the outside noises of peers and the media. In here anything your little one can imagine can come true.

It’s something we all want for our kids, isn’t it?

So why not create this Dr. Seuss nursery to foster that beautiful little one’s imagination and creativity? This baby room features neutral furniture that can easily be reused with other children or even swapped out for different parts of the house.

All of the vibrant and fun aspects that we expect from Dr. Seuss come in from the accent pieces and artwork. The rug is a cheery and bright yellow with a modern pattern. The table lamps are the bold red we’ve grown to love from The Cat in the Hat. The orange pendant light is vibrant and retro inspired. The pouf and throw pillows work together to bring in a broader spectrum of colors to the nursery. And let’s not forget about the artwork. They’re all colorful and have that perfect touch of whimsy.

And now I’m off to dream of those lazy days back when I was a kid and there was nothing better than a good book…

Create this Dr Seuss nursery and relive the wonder, imagination and creativity of one of the most popular author's ever!

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Dr Seuss Nursery

  1. Genio Pendant Lamp
  2. Paint By Number Giraffe Print
  3. Viewmaster Print
  4. Cat in the Hat Print
  5. Traffic Jam Print
  6. Column Table Lamp (similar here)
  7. Babyletto Gelato 4-in-1 Convertible crib in Washed Natural
  8. Dotty Pillow
  9. Horton Hears A Who
  10. Leah Rug
  11. Crescent Utility Basket 
  12. Terrace Whitewash 7 Drawer Dresser
  13. Sparrow Glider
  14. Crocodile on Roller Skates Print
  15. Lorax Plush
  16. Green Knit Pouf

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.