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Printable Fruit Activities For Preschoolers

Inside: Trying to find an activity to do with your kids that’s fun and sneaks in a little teaching? Then you’ll love these fruit activities for kids. These are part of the ultimate printable activities for kids collection

Sometimes you don’t think you can stand one more minute of pretend play with your kids.

You’re holding Raphael in your hands, they’ve got Leonardo and Donatello and it sounds like mayhem.

There are tons of “pshhh” and “kaboom” sounds peppering the air as the action figures smash together and nunchucks fly through the air.

Then it happens again:

Someone gets a little too enthusiastic and now the tears are flowing. Again.

This is my life.

And it’s likely yours too, unless of course, you don’t have boys and then, I envy you my friend (at least right now; I’ll reassess again when they’re teenagers?).

So, what do we do when Mom has had enough play time?

We play the way Mom likes to play.

You know, things like board games (like these fun preschool board games), learning activities and some calmer (fingers crossed) pretend play. Which is exactly why I created these fruit activities for kids.

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Printable Fruit Activities For Kids

Since my boys have a big age gap between them, I like to make some printable activities that can appeal to a broad age spectrum.

With this printable fruit pack, there are things that both my 2-year-old and 5-year-old enjoy.

I’ve also included the printable fruit puppets free of purchase. Simply enter your email below to receive your free download.

Free Fruit Puppet Printables

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Materials For Fruit Activities


Fruit Grocery Shopping Game:

printables games for kids | fruit activities | learning game

Cut out all the shopping baskets and the game spinner. Laminate for durability. Use sharp scissors or a knife to cut a small hole in the center of the game spinner. Insert the game spinner arrow or the brad and paperclip.

Follow the directions on the printable pack to play.

Fruit Patterning:

pattern printable for kids | fruit activities

Cut out each fruit pattern strip along the dotted lines. Give your child the fruit counters and have them place the next fruit in the pattern in the empty box.

Fruit Silhouette Matching:

silhoutte kids | fruit activities

Cut out each fruit silhouette matching set along the dotted lines. Have your child find the matches and place together.

Fruit Counting:

teach numbers to toddlers | fruit activities | printable

There are a couple of different ways to play with these fruit counting pages. You could:

      1. Cut each number set apart and have your child match the number to the correct fruit picture.
      2. Keep the cards together and use the fruit counters to count out the total number of fruit on each card.

Fruit Puppets:

printable puppets | fruit activities | pretend play

Simply cut out each puppet and laminate for durability. Then, use hot glue or glue dots to attach the fruit to a popsicle stick. Enjoy some unstructured pretend play!

Fruit Color Matching:

color matching | fruit activities | teach colors

Cut out each fruit character and the speech bubbles along the dotted lines. Have your child match the color speech bubble to the correct colored fruit.

For older children, use the black and white speech bubbles so they can read the words instead of matching the colors.

fruit activities for kids | printable preschool activities

These printable fruit activities are pretty low prep once you have everything cut out, but provide tons of play time, especially when you need a little more structured play time at home. Don’t forget to grab your set here.

Fun Activities For Kids

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Sunday 7th of October 2018

These activities look good. I especially like the puppets.

Sam T

Thursday 11th of October 2018

Thanks Helen!

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