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Free Printable Zebra Worksheets For Kids

Did you know that each zebra has a unique pattern of black and white stripes, just like human fingerprints? Plus, they can run pretty fast…up to 40 miles an hour!

When learning about these striped equine animals, be sure to include these zebra worksheets to have kids also work on other essential skills.

These worksheets reinforce the letter Zz in a fun and engaging way. They include a handwriting practice sheet where kids can trace and write the letter Zz, a “label the zebra” worksheet to learn different parts of a zebra’s body, and a challenging letter Z maze to help improve letter recognition.

Make learning letters, numbers, and more a great experience for your little ones with more preschool worksheets that cover a variety of topics!

Zebra Activities For Preschoolers

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You’ll receive the following worksheets in this printable set:

  • Zz is for zebra letter maze worksheet
  • Label The Zebra worksheet
  • Zz is for zebra handwriting worksheet

Zz is for zebra letter maze worksheet

Up first is the letter maze where children will complete the maze by following the uppercase and lowercase ‘Zz’s to the finish line. This activity helps children become more familiar with the letter, and enhances their ability to recognize it in different contexts.

Additionally, navigating the maze encourages kids to think critically and develop their problem solving skills as they figure out the correct path to the finish.

Free Printable Zz is for zebra letter maze worksheet Image of Zebra Worksheets

Label The Zebra worksheet

On the “label the zebra” worksheet, kids will enhance their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination when they cut and paste the labels into the correct spots.

This activity helps them learn new vocabulary and understand the different parts of a zebra, plus they can color it in once they’ve finished!

Free Printable Label The Zebra worksheet Image of Zebra Worksheets

Zz is for zebra handwriting worksheet

Finally, the handwriting worksheet will have kids write the word, “zebra”, and uppercase and lowercase ‘Zz’s. The dashed lines help provide a clear guide for proper shape and stroke order to write each letter.

This practice reinforces muscle memory and builds confidence in writing.

Free Printable Zz is for zebra handwriting worksheet Image of Zebra Worksheets

Zoo Animal Ideas

Find even more zoo animal ideas to keep your kids engaged and learning! Explore different books, hands-on projects, and educational activities that bring the wonders of the zoo to life.

From making animal headbands to creating animals out of everyday items, there’s lots of fun ways to learn and get creative. Check out some of our favorite ideas below, and watch your child’s skills and knowledge grow!

Free Printable Zoo Animal Crafts

Polar Bear Cup Craft – For some frosty fun, kids can create a polar bear out of a paper cup. This creative project is a great way for kids to think outside the box and see an ordinary item as something like a polar bear! Gather your supplies and our free template to turn a simple cup into a cool arctic friend!

Lion Puppet Craft –  Kids can transform a simple paper bag into a fierce and fantastic lion puppet. It’s a roaring good time that sparks imagination and creativity. Gather your supplies and let the lion stories and pretend play begin!

Collage image of Free Printable Zoo Animal Crafts

Elephant Name Craft – Lift your trunks and trumpet your excitement for this adorable elephant made from colored paper. Kids will then arrange the letters of their names in a grassy landscape below. It’s a creative way to boost letter recognition and practice spelling their name.

Eagle Headband Craft – Fly high wearing this eagle headband! Kids will love creating their own majestic eagle using simple materials. It’s a fun and hands-on activity that sparks imagination and allows them to pretend to soar like an eagle.

Zoo Activities For Preschoolers

Hop into learning with our kangaroo worksheets! Join us on a journey Down Under to discover fascinating facts about these amazing marsupials and do a little skill building.

Our set features three engaging activities: a handwriting sheet to practice the letter K, a letter maze, and a “label the kangaroo” page where kids can identify parts of this unique animal. These activities will enhance letter recognition and also strengthen fine motor skills, problem solving, and more.

Get ready for some elephant sized fun with our connect the dot sheets! Our elephant dot to dots are perfect for building cognitive skills and having a blast! Kids will sharpen their concentration, focus, and attention span as they connect the dots to reveal a beautiful piece of art.

Download these free sheets today and watch your children learn and grow while enjoying themselves! These activities are a fun way to teach counting sequentially and following instructions.

Collage image of Zoo Activities For Preschoolers

Monkey around with these four engaging worksheets to keep kids entertained while they practice using scissors. They’ll count monkeys, match them up, and master cutting skills like pros when they complete these monkey cutting activity pages!

They’re great to use with any animal themed study to add excitement to learning. Kids will cut along dashed lines, match monkey tops and bottoms, and enhance counting, number recognition, and fine motor skills through these playful activities.

“It’s A Zoo” preschool counting game is an exciting board game that can spark curiosity about kids’ favorite zoo animals while also teaching essential graphing skills in a fun and interactive way. This game encourages your preschooler to collect and analyze data—a fundamental math skill!

As kids roll the dice and move their game marker, they’ll count spaces, identify zoo animals, and add buttons to their graphs accordingly. It’s a fantastic way to introduce basic counting, taking turns, and graphing concepts while keeping little learners engaged and excited about learning math through play.

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Zebra Worksheets Download

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.