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14 Exciting Dinosaur Games For Kids

Dinosaur games are a fun way for kids to get their imaginations going!

Kids will love learning about the various dinosaurs and learning different educational concepts that these games have to offer.

Board games and card games are something that never go out of style. Even as adults, many of us love to play the games and have a little friendly competition with friends and family.

These fun dinosaur games for kids are a great way to spend some quality time together. Everyone will love playing with friends and family!

To make it even more fun, make it a family fun night and enjoy some dinosaur themed snacks and treats!

And, if you’re really into board games, be sure to check out the best board games for kids!

Fun Dino Games

dinosaur board game image collage with the words 14 roar-some dinosaur games for kids in the middle

Baby Dinosaur Rescue Board Game

Baby Dinosaur Rescue is a fun cooperative board game where children learn new skills as they play together with friends and family! It’s a great way to get kids working together!

Dino Land

Dino Land is a cool dinosaur game for kids ages 6 and up. This educational board game will help promote problem-solving and strategy skills!

Dinosaurs Vs. Army Men

Dinosaurs Vs. Army men is a fun card game that adds a new twist to the classic games of war and slap jack! This dinosaur game is easy to play and is great for young families!

Qurious Dinos

Qurious Dinos is an easy game that will help teach children letters, matching skills, and memory skills! It’s a sneaky way to get kids to learn while having fun!

Dino Meal

Dino Meal is a suspenseful game that children will love! To win, you’ll have to get the baby dinosaur eggs before the big dinosaur gets you! But watch out – you don’t know when the dino will jump!

As a fun bonus, this game helps kids work on fine motor skills!

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Dino Battle

When your kids play Dino Battle, they’re not only having fun, they’re also working on strategy and logic!

Be the first to place your dinosaur in a line along the game board to win!

Fossil Wars Dinosaurs

A simple and fast-paced game, Fossil Wars Dinosaurs card game will have children learning about the different dinosaurs and the fossils they leave behind.

Go Fish Dino Edition

Out with the boring Go Fish game and in with the fun dino version! Kids will love playing this simple dinosaur Go Fish card game!

Dinosaur Snakes & Ladders

A family favorite, Snakes and Ladders, is taken to a whole new level with this fun dinosaur themed Snakes and Ladders game.

Dinosaur Escape Game

Dinosaur Escape is another fun cooperative game by Peaceable Kingdom. In this game, kids work together to find the dinosaurs and help them escape before the volcano erupts!


Children old enough to play the classic Monopoly game will have a blast playing the dinosaur version, Dino-Opoly. Help children learn strategy, count money, and more in this exciting game!

Digging Dino Bones

Digging Dino Bones is a strategic game that everyone will love! This board game has kids playing as a paleontologist whose goal is to draw and trade dino cards until they make a complete dinosaur fossil!

Stack The Dino-Bones

This Jenga like game will have children stacking the dinosaur bones and trying not to topple the dinosaur tower as they play! It’s simple, fun, and great for improving fine motor skills!

Kerplunk! Raptors Jurassic World

Skillfully remove the sticks while dropping the fewest raptors possible to win this fun Kerplunk! Raptors game.

Which game is your family’s favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

More Fun Games For Kids

Educational Dinosaur Activity For Kids

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