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These FREE Christmas Prints Will Make Your Home Festive & Bright

Inside: Decorate your home with these minimalist free printable Christmas art prints.

My mom is a bit of a Scrooge.

I hate to say it (I don’t think she reads my blog so don’t tell her I said it) but she admits to it. She loves Thanksgiving. The food, the family and none of the pressure of gifting. She cringes when she hears Christmas music even at 11:59 pm on Thanksgiving day.

I am the opposite.

I revel in the Christmas spirit. Last year my family put up our Christmas tree on the 2nd of November! To me, the Christmas season just passes by in the twinkling of an eye and I’m always anxious to get that feeling back.

You know the one, right?

The feeling of honest to goodness joy and happiness. The feeling of literal and tangible Christmas joy in the air. Where everyone around you is jolly and kind and so excited to be with family and friends to celebrate.

That’s the feeling I just can’t get enough of.

And living in Arizona means that I have to get a little creative to make it feel like it’s Christmas. Which is why I put up the tree so early. Why I love searching for Christmas decorations. And why I’m giving you my top picks for modern Christmas decor.
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Modern Christmas Decor

  1. Brass Candle Bowl
  2. Advent Mini Card Pack
  3. Free Christmas Print #1 (Download Button Below)
  4. Free Christmas Print #2 (Download Button Below)
  5. Gilded Crystal Ornament
  6. Olive & Integrifolia Dried Wreath
  7. Snowfall Ornaments
  8. Buffalo Check Throw Blanket

So don’t scoff because it’s only November 23rd. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so once it’s finished you are officially allowed to decorate for Christmas. And what better way than these modern and sophisticated free Christmas prints?

They’re both some of my favorite Christmas songs (although who am I kidding? I love all Christmas songs) and they’re simple enough to go with a ton of different holiday decorating styles. Each one measures 8″x10″ but if you want to make a statement with a large, custom art print jump on over to my Etsy shop and check out my other options.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and of course, Merry Christmas!!


Celebrate the holiday season with these free Christmas prints. They're modern, simple and let your home decor shine.

What’s your favorite way to decorate for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.