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8 Educational + Fun Letter Recognition Games For Kids

When early preschoolers start learning their letters it is a fun time for everyone, especially when they start recognizing them out and about.

When you have toddlers and younger preschoolers interested in letters we love introducing them to letter recognition games.

By doing this it is reinforcing letter skills that they are so excited about! 

That’s why we are sharing our favorite letter recognition games with you that we know your kids will love playing!

All these games are super simple to understand and fun to play! You can also check out the best board games for kids if you have older kids who love games as well! 

Letter Recognition Games

letter recognition game image with the words 8 fun letter recognition games for kids

Frida’s Fruit Fiesta is the perfect game to help teach letter identification and matching as they play! Your kids will spin the spinner and collect the matching letter with their Frida Squeezer.

The first one to collect four letters in a row on their card wins, but be careful those monkeys might eat your fruit! This game will entertain your kids and provide not only letter practice but fine motor skill development as well.  

If you are looking for an on-the-go game that helps practice letters and sounds then you will want to grab Learning Resources Pop for Letters.

In this game, your child will reach into the popcorn box and pull out a piece of popcorn. Then they will identify the letter and also practice what sound the letter makes, but be careful if they pull out a pop card they have to put all their letters back in the bucket. We love this game because it grows with them past letter identification.

In Learning Resources Alphabet Islands preschoolers will practice their letters and vocabulary as they hunt for alphabet treasures on alphabet island.

The person that collects the most discs wins. Not only does this game help with letter recognition but it also helps teach kids about simultaneous play.  

If your preschoolers love Go Fish you will want to grab Alphabet Go Fish! This game is great because each card has both the uppercase letter and the lower case letter as well as corresponding pictures to help kids who are just learning their letters.

This card game helps with letter recognition, creating a simple strategy, learning how to hold and deal cards, improves concentration and memory skills! Your kids will love playing Alphabet Go Fish over and over again. 

Another great letter recognition game is Boggle Jr. This game introduces preschoolers to the ABCs in a whole new way as they use the alphabet letter cubes to create the words they see on the card.

When your preschoolers get older, they can then cover up the word and they can practice spelling each word on their own. This game introduces kids to letter and word recognition as well as early spelling and memory skills. 

In Learning Resources Alphabet Soup your kids can work together to fill all 26 Alphabet soup cans with the right letter card and corresponding picture cards. This game promotes letter sounds, early vocabulary, sorting, working together, and fine motor skills

ABC Cookies is a fun game to help teach your preschooler the alphabet, letter recognition, beginning sounds, CVC word building as well as early vocabulary.

This game also supports language development and creative thinking. We love that this game has 4 different versions of play so it can grow with your child.

To play the beginner version your child will race to find the cookies that match their card. From there the games get more difficult as your child’s letter recognition and skills increase. 

Snap n Learn Alphabet Alligators not only helps preschoolers develop letter recognition but also helps reinforce color matching and builds fine motor skills.

In this game, your child will be able to match upper case letters with lower case letters while building alligators. Once built they can develop their creative play with the alligators they have created through letter recognition.

We love that these pieces snap together easily making it fun for your preschooler to practice their letters over and over again. 

Are we missing any letter recognition games you love? Share in the comments so we can add it to the list!

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