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Create This Sudoku For Kids Mini Binder For On The Go Fun

Inside: Teach your kids about logical thinking with these printable sudoku for kids puzzles. Use them as worksheets or create a mini binder to use over & over. Plus see all our fun ocean kids activities here.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been posting busy bag ideas for my younger son. He’s tried this file folder numbers game and this cute shape matching game.

They’re easy to take on the go and get some quiet playing when necessary, but I didn’t have anything for my 7-year-old.

I do think he’s old enough to listen and be quiet when asked, but it never hurts to have an engaging activity he’ll enjoy.

Especially when he’s having an antsy day at church.

When I started thinking about what to create for him, I knew he’d love something logical.

He has enjoyed doing puzzles and games since he was a young toddler so I decided to create some sudoku puzzle for kids.

Ocean Themed Sudoku For Kids

Printable Sudoku For Kids | Kids of all ages will enjoy learning how to play these logical puzzles. Print them out as worksheets to do instantly or create your own busy bag with just a few items.

My son has never played Sudoku before so I’ll have to teach him how to play but I expect he’ll catch on quickly. To make it easier and more fun, I’ve replaced the numbers with ocean animals.

You can use these printables in one of two ways.

First, you can print them out as worksheets to instantly have an activity at hand. This is great for playgroups, classrooms or when you just need an activity for them to do now.

The other option is to create a reusable travel sudoku binder for kids. I chose this option so my son could take it with us to church and practice over and over again.

How To Create A Reusable Travel Sudoku Binder

Create a travel sudoku for kids binder. Your kids will love playing all the games and you'll love them using logic and being quiet!

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You’ll need a few supplies to create this travel binder including the following.



  1. Print out all sudoku pages (select “fit to page” for best fit) on white cardstock.

  2. Laminate all the pages you want to use in the book.

  3.  Cut paper in half on the black lines.

  4. Punch three holes in each page on the left-hand side and insert into your mini three-ring


  5.  Attach one side of adhesive velcro pair to all blank spaces.

  6.  Laminate the  “sudoku animal squares” and cut out individually.

  7.  Attach the other side of adhesive velcro to each square.

  8. Play!

Free Printable Sudoku Puzzle For Kids

Download a free printable sudoku worksheet for kids for an instant activity! Kids will love learning logic through this simple and fun game. #learningisfun

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