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Fun Pizza Activities For Kids That Teach Math Concepts

Inside: Teach children how to follow directions, matching, counting and the basics of fractions with these printable pizza activities for kids. These are part of the ultimate printable activities for kids collection

If there’s one food you’ll never witness a child refuse, it’s pizza.

That fact makes it a perfect theme for teaching children about math in a fun and engaging way.

There are so many ways to use these pizza printables that I’m sure you’ll discover the best way for your kids or classroom.

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Pizza Activities For Kids

Kids of all ages will love these pizza activities for kids. Teach your child the ideas of matching, counting, fractions and how to follow directions in a fun and engaging way.

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Directions For Setup:

  1. Print out all the pages on the digital cover paper (at “actual size” or 100%)
  2. Cut out each of the pizza crusts, the name cards, the recipe cards and the individual toppings.
  3. For beginning players, use the whole pizza pie and give kids the traditional pizza recipes.
  4. For advanced players, use the family recipe cards, name cards, and the pizza pies cut into fractions.

Adapting This Activity For The Youngest Children

pizza activites for kids | preschool game | kindergarten math ideas

My favorite thing about these printables is the number of ways you can adapt this activity to the ages of your kids.

My youngest son (who is almost 3), uses the pizza printables as open ended play time. He chooses any of the toppings he wants and places them on the pizza.

After he finishes his creation, we pretend to bake the pizza and talk about how hot it would be after it came out of the oven. Then, once it has “cooled down”, we pretend to eat it.

Once he plays with these a little longer and the novelty wears off, I plan to start using the traditional pizza recipe cards to reinforce numbers, following directions and counting toppings.

Introduce Fractions To Older Kids

preschool learning ideas | math game for kids | pizza building

For older children who already have a firm grasp on counting, you can use the family recipe cards.

Have your child pick the correct pizza pie (whole, 1/2, 1/3 or 1/4 pie) and make a portion of it for each specific family member on the card.

After your child finishes one person’s order, have them place that person’s name next to that section.

This will allow kids to determine who wants what topping, where to place it on each pizza and how to label each persons’ portion of the pizza.

Download A Free Sample

Try this activity at home for free with this sample recipe card and pizza crust.

Free Sample Pizza Activity

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