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FREE Printable 4th of July Do a Dot Printables

Get your preschoolers engaged and learning with a dash of patriotic flair!

Our 4th of July do a dot printables are just the thing for that. These fun and festive worksheets will have your little ones celebrating Independence Day while practicing important skills.

They’ll enjoy completing three different patriotic worksheets that focus on fine motor skills, counting, and graphing. It’s a way to combine fun and learning, all while getting into the festive spirit.

Download these fun do a dots and grab the dot markers for an engaging activity this 4th of July.

When your kids are ready for more dotting fun, be sure to explore our collection of do a dot printables that cover a variety of themes and activities they’ll love.

Patriotic Printables For Kids

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This free printable set includes the following worksheets:

  • Graphing Practice Worksheet
  • Fine Motor Practice Worksheet
  • Dot Counting Worksheet

Graphing Practice Worksheet

On the first sheet, kids will count the number of patriotic items in the box. Then they’ll mark their findings by dotting the same amount of circles above each item on the graph. It’s a fantastic way for preschoolers to learn basic graphing skills.

They’ll boost their counting abilities and practice writing numbers when they fill in the blank of how many of each item is represented. Plus, it’s a great way to enhance their critical thinking and visual organization skills. Let’s get those little statisticians started on this fun I Spy graphing game!

Free Printable Graphing Practice Worksheet Image of 4th of July Do A Dot Printables

Fine Motor Practice Worksheet

Next up is the fine motor practice worksheets where kids will dot along different paths. Fine motor skills are essential for children’s growth and development. These skills help them with things like holding a pencil, brushing their teeth, or cutting with scissors.

This worksheet will help your little ones master these skills using dot markers or they can even trace then cut along the dotted lines.

Free Printable Fine Motor Practice Worksheet Image of 4th of July Do A Dot Printables

Dot Counting Worksheet

Finally, kids will practice counting with the dot counting page. Kids will count how many of each item there is in the box. They’ll then dot the number they counted.

This activity also helps kids with number recognition when they find the correct number to color in.

Free Printable Dot Counting Worksheet Image of 4th of July Do A Dot Printables

July 4th Kid Ideas

Spark creativity and celebrate America’s birthday with a bang! We’ve gathered some of our favorite 4th of July ideas that will keep your kids entertained and even learning at the same time.

Check out the ideas below for books and hands-on activities that will keep your little patriots engaged and proudly showing their love for the USA!

4th of July Books For Kids

The Before The Fourth Of July – If your kids are fans of The Night Before Christmas, they’ll love this patriotic version that follows a family’s day through Independence Day!

What Does it Mean To Be American? – This book is a wonderful look into the characteristics that make an American citizen. It’s an easy read for young kids are will get their minds thinking.

My Fourth of July – Kids will love this story that details all the classic activities Americans do on the Fourth of July! It’s sure to bring back the nostalgia of being a kid on Independence Day.

Featured image of 4th of July Do A Dot Printables

Fourth Of July Printable Crafts

Patriotic Name Craft – Light up your 4th of July with a dazzling display! Have kids make a firecracker and spell their names in stars. It’s a fun, festive way to celebrate and learn with just a few easy to find supplies.

Eagle Headband Craft – Soar into fun with this majestic eagle headband! Kids can make their own symbol of strength and freedom and then wear it proudly during imaginative play or storytelling adventures this 4th of July!

Collage image of Fourth Of July Printable Crafts

Popsicle Stick Statue of Liberty – Celebrate liberty with a DIY Statue of Liberty! Kids can use popsicle sticks, paint, and our free template to make this iconic symbol. It’s a hands-on project that inspires creativity and patriotism, plus it’s perfect for the 4th of July!

Handprint Bald Eagle Craft – Get patriotic with this bald eagle made from your little ones’ handprints! This fun 4th of July activity lets kids spread their wings creatively. It’s a hands-on way to celebrate freedom and create a keepsake that’ll make hearts soar!

Fourth of July Printables

Light up your kids’ Independence Day spirit with our exciting 4th of July worksheets! They can practice writing on the “F is for Fireworks” handwriting page, find various patterns with the patriotic patterns page, and navigate the “F is for Flag” letter maze.

These activities improve fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and add a playful twist to learning. They’re a great way to ensure a summer of engaging fun and learning!

Add some star-spangled fun to your festivities with our 4th of July I Spy printables! These patriotic pages are packed with fun and learning opportunities that are perfect for honing fine motor skills, counting practice, observation skills, and more.

As kids hunt for the hidden pictures, they’ll improve their concentration and attention span all while having a blast learning through play. Choose from an easy version counting up to 5 or a hard version counting up to 10 depending on your child’s skill level.

Collage image of Fourth of July Printables

Get into a festive spirit with our patriotic color by number printables! This collection of seven pages helps kids to boost their number recognition and fine motor skills by matching the colors to the numbered spaces.

Each masterpiece they create celebrates Independence Day in a colorful and educational way. This no-prep activity is perfect for when you want to give your kids something festive and engaging to do for the holiday!

When family and friends get together for the holiday this summer, keep the kids entertained with this Fourth of July memory game! Your little patriots will love this game where they flip over the cards to find matching pairs of different patriotic pictures.

This game is a sneaky way to boost cognitive skills like memory, concentration, and visual recognition while having fun. Plus, it’s a great way to teach them about American symbols and traditions while celebrating Independence Day in style!

Free 4th of July Do a Dots Download

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