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Free Printable Fourth of July Activity Sheets

Ready to make this holiday unforgettable for your little ones? We’ve got a treasure trove of fun and educational Fourth of July activity sheets that will keep your kids busy and excited!

These engaging worksheets are designed to keep children’s minds and hands busy while they learn. They’re perfect for parents looking for exciting 4th of July activities for young learners at home!

Also, be sure to check out our preschool worksheets for more ways to keep the kids excited about learning while still enjoying the summer.

4th Of July Activity Sheets

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Learning can be truly fun, and these activities are perfect for kids to show their love this Independence Day! That’s why these activity sheets are designed with colorful illustrations of Fourth of July symbols that make the special day memorable for the little ones.

We’ve included these printable activity sheets your kids can enjoy during the 4th of July:

  • Shadow Matching activity sheet
  • Match the Object activity sheet
  • Fourth of July Maze activity sheet
  • Count and Graph activity sheet

Each activity sheet reinforces their knowledge about numbers, visual recognition, and problem-solving. It includes a variety of engaging activities with exciting images.

Match the Object Activity Sheet

This worksheet is a good starting point to practice visual recognition. Both sides show colored illustrations, making matching each pair simple for kids.

The featured images include a cupcake, a pair of glasses, the crown of the Statue of Liberty, the American flag, and fireworks. And, yes, they are all designed in the classic Fourth of July red, blue, and white colors!

Free Printable Match the Object activity sheet Image of July Do A Dot Printables

This activity promotes critical thinking and helps kids develop their association skills. Featuring vibrant images of patriotic symbols, this printable is an enjoyable and educational way to keep young minds active and entertained during the holiday.

Shadow Matching Activity Sheet

The following worksheet is a little bit more challenging than the first one. With this activity page, kids will connect the colored pictures on the left side with the correct shadows on the other side. 

The illustrations are the same as the ones from the first worksheet, except they’re in a different order. Kids will put into action their visual recognition skills and memory to determine which colored image matches its shadow.

They will draw a line to connect the pair, which also helps them practice their fine motor skills!

Free Printable Shadow Matching activity sheet Image of July Do A Dot Printables

Fourth of July Maze Activity Sheet

This printable page is a classic maze young children will love trying! Can the kids light up the fireworks just in time for the celebration? Let’s see!

This printable will help keep the kids engaged and, more importantly, improve their problem-solving abilities and hand-eye coordination. Maze activities can also teach kids about resilience and to keep trying even if they get it wrong the first time!

Free Printable Fourth of July Maze activity sheet Image of Fourth of July Activity Sheets

Count and Graph Activity Sheet

The last worksheet is the count and graph page, in which kids count the objects in the box and write the correct answers on the graph.

This activity combines math practice with holiday fun, helping kids practice their counting skills and number-writing skills. This worksheet makes learning enjoyable, thanks to the colorful images of flags, fireworks, cupcakes, and more!

Free Printable Count and Graph activity sheet Image of Fourth of July Activity Sheets

Patriotic Kids Ideas

Whether you’re gearing up for the Fourth of July, or just want to sprinkle some star-spangled fun into your everyday routine, we have the perfect activities for you and the kids! Choose among DIYs, creative games, and educational projects to keep the kids busy and engaged!

We have something for every age, and we designed these with tons of fun and the right amount of challenge in mind!

4th of July Books For Kids

The Before The Fourth Of July – If your kids are fans of The Night Before Christmas, they’ll love this patriotic version that follows a family’s day through Independence Day!

What Does it Mean To Be American? – This book is a wonderful look into the characteristics that make an American citizen. It’s an easy read for young kids are will get their minds thinking.

My Fourth of July – Kids will love this story that details all the classic activities Americans do on the Fourth of July! It’s sure to bring back the nostalgia of being a kid on Independence Day.

Featured image of Fourth of July Activity Sheets

4th Of July Crafts For Kids

Handprint Statue Of Liberty – Kiddos who love the Statue of Liberty will have a blast with this activity. The fun starts when they trace their hands on paper. Then, they can practice their cutting and pasting skills and ability to follow instructions, too. They’ll be so proud to see the finished product for this one!

Popsicle Stick Uncle Sam Craft – With this activity, kids can show their love for the country by making their own Uncle Sam! They will start by putting the sticks together and then cutting and pasting the other parts. After a few steps, they’ve made a patriotic decoration of their own!

Collage image of 4th Of July Crafts For Kids

Patriotic Gnome Craft – Want another enjoyable activity that helps develop the kids’ creativity? Have the kids make a cute gnome with a patriotic twist! The free template has all the parts needed to make a red, white and blue gnome. Kids can use their fine motor skills to make this cute guy come alive!

Eagle Paper Cup Craft—This project is perfect for younger kids and helps them excitingly practice following directions! This easy activity shows kids how they can create cool crafts from simple materials and it also boosts their creativity for future projects.

Fourth of July Printables

Bingo is an exciting, all-ages game that the whole family can enjoy, and that’s why we love these 4th of July bingo sheets! Each card has a unique arrangement of Fourth of July symbols, which the kids will love marking out.

Let the kids have fun while learning with these 4th of July worksheets! With brightly colored illustrations, they’ll enjoy working on these activities that encourage handwriting practice, letter recognition, and pattern recognition skills.

Collage image of Fourth of July Printables

For kids who love coloring, our patriotic color by number printables are the perfect Fourth of July activity! These printables help with number and color recognition, allowing children to create festive artwork they’ll love displaying in the house! Coloring activities like these can also enhance children’s fine motor skills and creativity.

This Fourth of July memory game helps improve memory, focus, and cognitive skills while providing a fun challenge for the kids. They will pair cards depicting American flags, fireworks, and other holiday-themed items, making it an engaging and educational way to celebrate Independence Day!

FREE 4th of July Activity Sheets

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