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Printable Flamingo Valentine Cards For Kids

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to pick out some special cards for your little sweethearts to pass out to their friends!

Rather than going with traditional chalky hearts or the same old cartoon characters, why not make it extra special with a set of these cute and vibrant flamingo Valentine cards?

They’re perfect for any little kid who loves and adores flamingos and come in an array of bright colors.

Trust us – you kids won’t want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day printable.

And if flamingoes just aren’t your kids’ fancy, we have plenty of other printable Valentines cards that we’re sure they will love.

Valentines Day Cards For Kids

Flamingo valentine cards cover image

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If you haven’t already gotten your kids their valentines cards, no need to panic — you can have them ready in minutes with our awesome flamingo valentine card printables!

Plus they’re more unique than anything you’ll find at the store. On top of that, they even have special cards just for your child’s teacher! Best of all, you can print them straight from your home.

Just get some paper and find a printer and you’re in business.

No long lines or overcrowded stores this year; just you, your printer, and some totally rad flamingo cards that your kids are sure to love.

So go ahead and get creative — start printing those adorable flamingo cards today!

Printed example of flamingo valentine card

Valentine Ideas For Kids

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday that only comes around once per year, make it extra special for your kids this year!

There are plenty of simple yet exciting ways to get your children involved in celebrating the day – from generating heartfelt cards and making fun crafts, to cozying up together with books about the holiday.

Keep reading for some of our top Valentine ideas for kids!

Valentine Books For Kids

As any parent of young children knows, it’s incredibly important to read books to your kids. There are many reasons why reading regularly can be beneficial for children.

It opens up their minds to new ideas, broadens their understanding of the world, and strengthens their early development. Even more, it helps to build their imagination – allowing them to experience and explore a vast swath of excitement without leaving the comfort of the family home!

Open up a book together today! You’ll be glad you did. See below for some of our favorite Valentine books for kids.

Love From The Crayons If your kids love any of the Crayon books, they’ll want to read this Valentine version where the crayons explore the bright colors and subtle shades of love.

The Invisible String – This is a sweet story all children will want to hear. It’s about a mother who tells her two children that they’re all connected by an invisible string.

Little Blue Truck’s Valentine – Join Little Blue Truck as he delivers Valentine’s Day cards to all his farm animal friends. As he does, he wonders, will anyone give one to him?

two examples of printed valentine card

Valentine Crafts For Kids

Crafting is an amazing way to get kids to see their imaginations come to life. Not only that, but it’s also a fantastic way to get them excited about creating something tangible with their own hands and minds.

Plus, when they look back at what they’ve made, there will be a huge sense of pride and confidence within them!

Letting your kids make crafts sparks creativity in more ways than one so that even if the outcome doesn’t appear perfect in your eyes (or theirs!), everyone can appreciate what has been created!

Cow Valentine Craft – Let your kids get in on the Valentine’s Day fun with this adorable cow craft. They’ll have a fun time putting together this “I love moo!” craft. Not only will it be loads of fun for the kids, but it also encourages them to work on their scissor skills, fine motor skills, and following instructions.

Llama Valentine Card Craft – Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get crafty with the kiddos! And what better way to do it than with this fabulous llama card? With the easy-peasy, free printable template it’ll be a cinch for even the littlest artists -all of your little Valentines will have their own special card in no time!

Valentines craft ideas for kids

Minion Valentine Card Craft – Make Valentine’s Day extra special this year with a handmade minion card! This craft is perfect for kids who want to show off their creative skills. It’s easy enough for little hands to cut, glue, and decorate the parts needed. Once the card is complete, it’ll be sure to bring joy and laughter from both its maker and its receiver. Give the gift of laughter and share the affection of these fun little minions!

Puppy Valentine Craft – This Valentine’s Day, add a little fun to the festivities with this cute puppy Valentine craft! It’s so easy your kids will have it crafted in no time- the printable template makes the whole process super speedy. If they’re feeling creative, they can make their own personalized card by writing a message on it; if not, leaving it blank is perfectly adorable too!

Valentine Activities For Kids

Valentine’s Day is the time for l-o-v-e and learning too! Getting your kids engaged in learning with these Valentine worksheets is a fun way to spread some educational cheer this holiday season. Kids can learn all about the letter V along with a letter maze, and more. These Valentine’s Day activities also help your little scholars build their foundational literacy and motor skills!

Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without some friendly competition and these fun Valentine bingo printables are the perfect way to kick off the festivities! Get your kids involved (or a few classmates) and see who can cross off all the squares first. The activity can be enjoyed by almost any age – adults included! Print out your game boards, grab some markers and get ready for a lively round of Valentine’s Day bingo!

three examples of printed flamingo valentine cards

If your kid’s day isn’t filled with enough love already, here’s the perfect way to up the ante! Our Valentine connect the dots are a fun way to get creative with your little ones on this day of love. These unique printables promise lots of entertainment, whether it be for after school, or during a rainy day at home.

If you’re searching for a fun and easy Valentine’s Day activity for your kids, look no further! These Valentine do a dot printables are the perfect solution – and all you have to do is download and print them. Not only will your little ones enjoy getting into the spirit of the holiday, but it’s also an exciting way for them to sharpen up their pre-reading and math skills.

three examples of printed valentine cards

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Valentine Fun

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More Valentine’s Day Activities

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