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Parrot Puppet Craft For Kids (Free Printable Template)

Parrots are bright and beautiful birds that are full of personality. Find them in the jungle or perched on a pirate’s shoulder to see what they have to say! 

Let’s bring tropical fun to life with a colorful parrot puppet craft that will have kids squawking with joy!

Making a parrot puppet is perfect when learning about animals, birds, or setting sail on a pirate adventure. Transform a plain paper bag into a talkative parrot to inspire hours of imaginative play. 

Don’t let the fun end here! Find even more paper bag puppet ideas and discover a whole zoo of creative possibilities.

Parrot Paper Bag Puppet

Cover Image of Parrot Puppet Craft with the word Parrot Puppet Craft Free Template in the middle

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As kids assemble their puppets, they’ll boost their fine motor skills, scissor skills, and hand-eye coordination. Plus, puppet play enhances creativity, storytelling, and social skills.

Download our free template to get started. It’s a fun, colorful project that’s sure to be a favorite with your kiddos!



Start by downloading the parrot template and printing it out. Once you have the template printed, gather the materials needed for this fun activity. Get those scissors ready, and let’s help the kids bring this bird to life!

Hand holding Parrot Puppet Craft template

First, begin by placing the body piece onto the main portion of the brown paper bag, mark where it ends with a pencil, and then cut the excess paper bag off so it fits the body piece.

Encourage your child to glue the eyes below the eyebrows.

Hand gluing eyes of Parrot Puppet Craft

Next, guide your child to glue the beak in between and just below the eyes.

Hand gluing beak of Parrot Puppet Craft

Now, glue the front wings to the back wings.

Hand gluing secondary wing feathers of Parrot Puppet Craft

Glue the completed wings to the side of the body.

Hand gluing wings of Parrot Puppet Craft

Position the feet on the bottom portion of the body and glue them in place.

Hand gluing feet of Parrot Puppet Craft

Place the parrot’s body on the main portion of the brown bag and glue it in place.

Hand gluing body of Parrot Puppet Craft

Finally, help your child to glue the head to the flap portion of the lunch sack.

Hand gluing head of Parrot Puppet Craft

Be sure to check out our animal crafts while you’re here! Your kids will love creating more fun DIYs like this one!

Hand holding finished example of Parrot Puppet Craft

Simple Animal Themed Ideas

Need some fun and simple animal themed ideas to do with kids? You’ve come to the right place! They can explore the animal kingdom and learn at the same time with DIY projects and educational activities featuring all sorts of animals.

Read on below for a list of books and activities that will interest your budding zoologists!

Two finished example of Parrot Puppet Craft

Animal Books For Kids

The Fascinating Animal Book For Kids is a great book for curious kiddos! Find facts on almost any animal your child is learning about. This is a great resource to have in your home library collection.

The View At The Zoo is a silly book about all the animals at the zoo. When the people come to take a look at the animals, they see all sorts of sights! But, there’s a twist to this book that you have to read for yourself and laugh about!

Giraffes Can’t Dance is a sweet and fun book about Gerald the Giraffe. He can’t dance, but doesn’t stop trying! He finally finds his own rhythm when he meets an unlikely friend.

Hand holding finished example of Parrot Puppet Craft

Cute Animal Crafts

Bird Paper Bag Puppet Craft – Some may just see a plain ole paper bag, but we know that it’s the perfect canvas for a cockatiel puppet! Kids will love crafting their feathery friend while improving fine motor skills, and once complete, they can use the puppet to act out fun stories and adventures.

Monkey Paper Cup Craft – Turn a paper cup into a cheeky monkey! It’s a great project for monkeying around while boosting kids’ creativity and fine motor skills. Grab our free template and a paper cup to get started!

Collage image of Cute Animal Crafts

Mouse Handprint Craft – Handprint crafts are always a hit! They’re simple, easy, and kids love seeing their handprints transform into something new. This mouse handprint is great for beginners and pairs well when learning about the letter M.

Easy Fox Craft – Kids will enjoy making their own foxy friends with this activity! It’ll be a fun way to spark imaginative play and storytelling. It’s an easy and engaging activity that promises lots of creative fun!

Fun Animal Activities

These monkey cutting activity pages are a fantastic way to keep kids entertained and practicing their scissor skills! They’ll count monkeys, match them up, and learn to cut along progressively challenging lines, all while having a blast.

They’re great to add to any animal themed study and offer fun learning opportunities. For some extra fine motor practice, have your little ones trace the lines before cutting. Download and print these engaging activities for lots of educational fun!

Featured image of Parrot Puppet Craft

Let’s get wild and learn with these animal do a dot printables! This set includes 29 pages featuring adorable creatures like crocodiles, elephants, and foxes that will get kids engaged and provide hours of entertainment for toddlers to kindergarteners.

Kids will enjoy counting, refining fine motor skills, and practicing the alphabet with options including color dot coloring pages, counting pages, letter recognition worksheets, and a key coloring page. There’s lots of fun and learning to be had!

Collage image of Fun Animal Activities

Introduce your little ones to math with our printable pet pattern block mats! These mats are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, pre-k, and kindergarten children, teaching them essential skills like fine motor skills, shape recognition, patterns, counting, and symmetry.

Inside this printable pet pack, kids can fill in templates featuring pets like dogs, cats, fish, gerbils, chameleons, turtles, and parrots with their pattern blocks. It’s learning through play at its best!

Finished example of Parrot Puppet Craft

Hop on over to grab these frog matching printables that are made for your preschoolers. This fun and interactive matching game combines learning with fun and features cute frog illustrations.

These printables engage children in counting and number recognition activities by having them pair numbers with the corresponding amount of frogs in the illustration. This hands-on approach makes learning enjoyable and effective and helps children grasp the concept of numbers more easily.

Regular practice with these educational worksheets builds confidence and lays a solid foundation for future math skills, ensuring every child learns in a way that’s engaging and beneficial.

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Hand holding finished example of Parrot Puppet Craft

Parrot Puppet Craft

Prep Time: 8 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 18 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Let’s bring tropical fun to life with a colorful parrot puppet craft that will have kids squawking with joy!


  • Brown paper bag
  • Colored cardstock or construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Parrot template


  1. Download the parrot template, print, and cut out the pieces you need.
  2. Place the parrot body piece on the main portion of the brown bag, just underneath the flap, mark it with a pencil, then cut off the excess paper bag so the body piece fits on it perfectly.
  3. Begin by gluing the eyes below the eyebrows.
  4. Next, glue the beak in between and just below the eyes.
  5. Now, glue the front wings to the back wings.
  6. Glue the completed wings to the sides of the body.
  7. Position the feet on the bottom of the body and glue them in place.
  8. Place the body on the main portion of the paper bag and glue it in place.
  9. Finish off by gluing the head to the flap portion of the lunch sack.

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Your Website and "Critters" are So Cute and Clever.

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