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Free Printable Spring Cutting Practice Pages

Spring is the perfect time to help your preschooler blossom with new skills! Let’s break out the scissors and get cutting with these spring cutting practice pages. 

This set includes four different worksheets to help your little one master the art of using scissors and make learning fun and engaging.

Scissor skills are more than just cutting paper. They play a role in developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and muscle strength in the hands and fingers. By practicing with these worksheets, children can improve their scissors skills, and set a strong foundation for other tasks like writing and drawing.

Read on below to see what activities are included in the set, and don’t forget to explore our other preschool worksheets to continue the learning fun!

Spring Printable Worksheets

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This free printable set includes the following worksheets:

  • Cut Along the Line Worksheets (2)
  • Finish the Picture Cutting Worksheet 
  • Counting Worksheet

Cut Along the Line Worksheets (2)

On the first sheet, kids will cut along each dotted line to reach the birds on the other side of the page. The lines get trickier as they go down the page with straight, curved, wavy, and zigzag lines to follow. For extra fine motor practice, have them trace the lines before they cut. 

Free Printable Cut Along the Line Worksheets (2) Image of Spring Cutting Practice Pages

Finish the Picture Cutting Worksheet

The second sheet will have kids follow a curvy line to reach the snail at the bottom. As they cut along the path, they’re honing their coordination and scissor control.

Free Printable Finish the Picture Cutting Worksheet Image of Spring Cutting Practice Pages

Next up is the matching sheet where kids will cut out the bottom half of each baby chick and match it to its corresponding top.

This fun activity boosts problem solving skills and pattern recognition as they pair up the adorable chicks.

Free Printable matching sheet Image of Spring Cutting Practice Pages

Counting Worksheet

Finally, kids will practice cutting and counting with our number practice cutting page. Here, they’ll count how many flowers are in each line, then cut and paste the numbers in the correct spots.

It’s a fantastic way to boost their fine motor skills and number recognition while having fun with flowers!

Free Printable Counting Worksheet Image of Spring Cutting Practice Pages

More Spring Activities

Kids’ Ideas For Spring

Find even more spring ideas to keep your kids engaged and learning! Explore different books, hands-on projects, and educational activities that celebrate the season. We have plenty of fun ways to learn and get creative listed below.

Check out some of our favorite ideas, save your favorites, then watch your child’s skills and knowledge blossom!

Spring Books For Kids

Too Many Carrots: This adorable book about a rabbit with way too many carrots will have your kids giggling! When he loads on too many that he can’t even go in his house, he’s on the hunt for somewhere to live. Read what happens as his friends try to help. This book is cute and has a great message of sharing!

Pete The Cat and the Cool Caterpillar: Pete’s new friend is a caterpillar! But when his best buddy goes missing, Pete has to find out what happened to him. He soon realizes he’s going to need a lot of patience to discover what exactly happened to his caterpillar!

I Don’t Want To Be A Frog: Little frog wants to be anything but, you guessed it, a frog. He tries his hand at being a cat, rabbit, pig, and owl, but he just can’t manage to be like them. All along the way, his dad encourages him to just be a frog, but it’s not until he has a surprise run-in with a wolf that he rethinks what it means to be a frog.

DIY Spring Crafts

Butterfly Toilet Paper Roll Craft – This fun and eco friendly craft will spark kids’ creativity and teach them about recycling. It takes just a few simple supplies and our free template to transform an ordinary toilet paper roll into a colorful butterfly.

Fork Painted Bee Craft – Get your kids to paint a bee using a unique tool—a fork! This creative technique is perfect for making the bee’s fuzzy texture. Just dip the fork in yellow paint and let them create fun spiky strokes. It’s an easy and exciting way to make art with everyday items!

Collage image of DIY Spring Crafts

Spring Bird Craft – Spring is buzzing with activity like birds building nests for their fluffy hatchlings. Gather the kids to learn about these feathered friends and create the cutest spring bird craft. They’ll make a bird in a cozy nest, perfect for brightening up any day!

Ladybug Tissue Paper Craft – Kids can create a cute ladybug just by using tissue paper! This playful craft is perfect for improving dexterity and fine motor skills as they scrunch and glue each piece in place. It’s a fun, hands-on activity that will leave them with an adorable ladybug to show off!

Activities For Spring

Celebrate the beauty of spring with our spring color by number printables! Coloring is more than just a fun activity with these sheets. It also helps kids learn to identify numbers and colors, read color words, and enhance fine motor skills and concentration.

Plus, these sheets are easy to print for some no-prep, creative fun. Print, grab your crayons or markers, and reveal the hidden pictures in this set of coloring pages!

These interactive butterfly activity sheets blend learning with fun and are perfect for preschool to kindergarten kids. They include activities like matching shadows, solving mazes, counting, graphing, and more.

Each page enhances essential skills for everyday life. Use them at home or in the classroom when doing an insect unit! No prep is needed—just download, print, and watch the excitement unfold with these engaging printables!

Collage image of Activities For Spring

Let your kids buzz with excitement as they tackle our bee cutting practice worksheets! These fun activities do more than just have kids practice cutting; they’re also a fantastic way to boost hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Each sheet offers engaging challenges with an adorable bee theme. From tracing dotted lines to matching shapes and counting bee images, kids will sharpen their scissor control while having a blast. These skills are essential for everyday tasks and make learning fun and beneficial!

Your little ones can become authors and illustrators themselves with this spring printable book! It’s designed to engage emergent readers and have them explore early literacy concepts. Repeated readings enhance literacy skills, which makes reading even more enjoyable.

Featured image of Spring Cutting Practice Pages

There are two versions available with this printable. Both focus on things they may like about spring and one version has them practice writing the word “like”.

This book is perfect for seasonal literacy activities, so be sure to incorporate it in your lessons, and watch as your students blossom with excitement and learning this spring!

More Spring Activities For Kids

Spring Scissor Practice Printables

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.