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Earth Day Name Craft For Kids [Free Template]

Make this upcoming Earth Day a day for learning!

Kids can learn all about ways to celebrate Earth Day and how to conserve and help the planet. Continue the themed learning at craft time, too!

Help them show their love for our planet with this Earth Day name craft and practice spelling their names at the same time! This personalized craft is the perfect addition to your Earth Day festivities.

Whether you use this craft at home or at school, it’ll be a fun project that will get the kids excited to learn.

Be sure to download the template to include this craft with your other easy Earth Day crafts for kids.

Earth Day Craft

Collage Cover Image of Earth Day Name Craft for Kids with the word Earth Day Name Craft in the middle

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Your kids will love this fun paper craft where they use their scissor skills and fine motor skills to create the land and sea of the Earth.

Kids will then use their letter recognition skills to arrange the lettered hearts in the right order to spell out their names.

If they’re using blank hearts instead, they’ll practice their handwriting skills by writing the letters in their names onto the hearts.


color cut and paste earth day name craft


Start by downloading the earth template and printing it out. Once you have the template printed, gather the materials needed for this fun activity. Get those scissors ready, and let’s help the kids bring this earth craft to life!

printed template of earth name craft with "download the template on the blog" overlay

First, let’s grab our left land mass piece. We’re going to line it up with the left side of our Earth template. Once it’s aligned, help your kids spread some glue on the back of the land mass and press it down onto the Earth.

hands gluing green earth onto globe

Next up, we have the right land mass. Similar to the first step, line it up with the right side of the Earth. With a dab of glue, secure it in place.

hands gluing more green earth onto globe

Now, let’s take the smallest land mass. This little piece is going to find its home on the right side of the Earth, just slightly below the last land mass we attached. A small amount of glue will do the trick to glue it to the water.

hands gluing green area representing earth onto globe

With our Earth looking vibrant and full of life. Choose a piece of colored paper that makes our Earth pop! Glue the completed Earth onto this paper.

hand gluing finished earth onto sheet of paper

Finally, the most special step of all – spelling out your child’s name along the bottom of the Earth using heart letters. This is where your kids can practice spelling their names.

hands gluing letters to name onto paper
hands gluing letters to name onto earth

That’s it! If your kids enjoy making this cute Earth Day craft. Be sure to check out our Name Crafts for Kids. We’re sure they will love creating more!

single finished example of earth day name craft

Activities For Kids

Earth Day Ideas For Kids

Get the kids excited about the holiday with some fun Earth Day crafts and activities! If you need some fun ideas to get kids excited about going green and protecting the Earth’s resources, then keep reading below.

You’ll find some of our favorite Earth Day ideas to do with the kids this April 22nd.

two finished examples of earth day name craft

Earth Day Books For Kids

As summer approaches, it’s crucial to keep kids engaged in activities that stimulate both their minds and imaginations. Reading books is a wonderful way to achieve this goal!

With countless exciting stories to choose from, reading not only helps kids sharpen their reading skills, but also exposes them to new ideas and perspectives that they may not encounter otherwise.

See below for some of our top Earth Day book recommendations.

I Am Earth is a great book to introduce children to the planet. It has simple and easy-to-understand text and fun illustrations that will keep kids engaged!

Heal The Earth takes kids on a magical journey around the world to help solve the problems we’re facing on this planet. The message of love and compassion is great for every child.

My Friend Earth is a favorite of parents and children alike! It has an environmentally conscious message and amazing die-cut pages kids can’t get enough of.

example of completed earth day name craft

Earth Day Crafts For Kids

For those days when you’re looking for something fun to do with your kids, try a craft! Crafting is a great way for kids to use their creativity and imagination.

It keeps their developing hands and minds busy so it helps them hone their fine motor skills as well. Inspire your kids to try crafting with some of our favorite Earth Day crafts below. These Earth crafts are kid-friendly and will provide hours of enjoyment!

Earth Day Card Craft – This fun craft makes a cute decoration or nice greeting for someone else. It’s a great way to practice different skills like cutting, gluing, and handwriting when they wish someone a Happy Earth Day. Plus, it’s a simple Earth Day craft that can be made with materials found at home or school!

Earth Paper Craft – This hands-on, easy project will bring a smile to your kid’s face when they make this happy Earth craft. Once they have created their planet, they’ll have fun bending the arms and legs into different poses. This easy craft is perfect for kids of all ages – even the little ones!

Earth day craft ideas image collage

Free Printable Earth Day Hat – When the headbands come out, you know it’s time to celebrate! Get the kids excited for the celebration of Earth Day with this white paper headband they can color in and assemble. This craft is made even easier with our free template!

Earth Day Paper Plate Craft – Have kids show their love for Mother Earth with this fun Earth Day art project! This craft combines painting, cutting, gluing, and recycled materials all in one to create the planet we call home. Get the template and make this with your kids either at home or in the classroom.

Earth Day Activities For Kids

Get kids thinking of ways they can help the planet when they complete these Earth Day activity pages. These worksheets are a fun way to learn more about the environment while improving important skills.

The set comes with four different pages that will introduce counting, graphing, matching, and problem-solving. Discuss the illustrations on each page so kids can learn more ways to help the planet.

Recycle a favorite activity and give the kids these Earth Day connect the dots. This fun activity is always a hit with the kids and they sneak in some extra learning before they color in the picture.

Kids will practice counting and using their fine motor skills to complete the pictures as they draw a line from dot to dot. Grab the crayons or markers, these Earth Day themed sheets, and the kids for something fun to do this April.

Collage image of Earth Day Activities For Kids

This upcoming Earth Day, kids will learn ways to reduce, reuse, recycle, and that E is for Earth when they complete these Earth Day Worksheets. These worksheets feature our favorite planet, and are filled with easy activities designed to help with letter recognition, handwriting, scissor skills, identifying patterns, and more!

These themed worksheets make learning fun, so be sure to download these free printables to get started.

This Earth Day letter dot painting activity is an easy way to include little kids in the Earth Day discussion while working on letter recognition! Your kids will have so much fun using dot markers or finger paint to fill in the dots and complete each letter.

It’s the perfect activity for little hands and also teaches an important lesson on taking care of our planet!

hand holding earth day name craft with another in background

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More Kids Activities

hand holding earth day name craft with another in background

Earth Day Name Craft For Kids

Prep Time: 7 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 22 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Kids can show their love for our planet with this Earth Day name craft and practice spelling their names at the same time!


  • Colored cardstock or construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Crayons or markers (if using color in version)
  • Earth template


  1. Download the Earth template, edit it to add your child(ren's) name, print, and cut out the pieces.
  2. Begin by lining up the left land mass with the left side of the Earth, then glue it in place.
  3. Line up the right land mass with the right side of the Earth and glue it down to secure it.
  4. Take the smallest land mass and glue it to the right side of the Earth, slightly below the last land mass you glued down.
  5. Glue the completed Earth to a piece of colored paper.
  6. Finish up by spelling out the child's name in heart letters along the bottom of the Earth.

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Simple Earth Template

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