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6 Free Printable Minion Valentines For Kids

Inside: Download these free printable minion valentines for your child’s class party!

Everybody loves the minions.

Kids, teens, and adults can all find something in those quirky yellow guys that they can relate to.

Crazy energy all day long? That’s a child in a nutshell.

Snarky attitude when someone tells them what to do? I’m pretty sure teens invented it.

Ignoring your responsibilities to play with friends? That’s for sure what I wish I could do all day.

The point is, minions are adorable, goofy and perfectly captivating to all ages.

Which is why everyone will love these minion valentines. 

Free Printable Minion Valentines

Free Printable Minion Valentines Cards | Need a last minute valentine for school? All your kids' friends in class will love these fun cards.

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I have to be honest here, I have no idea what each of the minions’ names is. There’s a Bob, Kevin, Phil, and believe it or not, one name Jorge. And I only know who Jorge is because he’s the one who photocopied his butt.

So regardless of their names, I think they’ll be a minion valentine card that will speak to every kid in the class.

What I love about these Valentine’s cards is they’re completely gender neutral so they’re great for boys or girls. And they’re not at all lovey-dovey, so your kids won’t feel embarrassed to give them to their friends.


I like to print them on heavy, white cardstock like this kind and use a paper trimmer to easily cut them to size.

To give them that extra special touch, I round the corners with a punch like this as well.

The PDF is formatted with all 6 designs on one page so you won’t have to print too many pages.

More Valentine Fun For Kids

Reading books is a great option for any theme or holiday! These Valentine’s Day books are some of the top picks. Add them to your home library or see if your local library has them on hand.

Love From The Crayons If your kids love any of the Crayon books, they’ll want to read this Valentine version where the crayons explore the bright colors and subtle shades of love.

The Invisible String – This is a sweet story all children will want to hear. It’s about a mother who tells her two children that they’re all connected by an invisible string.

Little Blue Truck’s Valentine – Join Little Blue Truck as he delivers Valentine’s Day cards to all his farm animal friends. As he does, he wonders, will anyone give one to him?

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Free Minion Valentine Cards

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