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Free Printable Father’s Day Worksheets For Kids

Father’s Day is a special time to celebrate the incredible dads and father figures in our lives. 

Kids can spend a little time with them working on these Father’s Day worksheets. These worksheets offer a variety of activities that will keep little ones entertained while they learn.

These activities are designed to help preschoolers work on identifying patterns, recognizing the letter Ff, and improving their handwriting skills.

After learning with these dad themed printables, be sure to have some of these Father’s Day crafts for kids ready to go to make something special for their number one dad.

Father’s Day Printables

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You’ll receive the following in this set of printable worksheets:

  • Father’s Day Patterns worksheet
  • Ff is for Father letter maze worksheet
  • Ff is for Father handwriting worksheet

Father’s Day Patterns Worksheet

Up first is the Father’s Day Patterns sheet where kids will complete each line of patterns by cutting and pasting the items at the bottom of the page into the correct box. 

Identifying patterns is an important skill for young children as it lays the foundation for mathematical thinking, problem-solving, and logical reasoning. Children will learn to predict what comes next and enhance their ability to understand sequences.

Free Printable Father's Day Patterns worksheet Image of Father's Day Worksheets

Ff Is For Father Letter Maze

The next page in this set is a letter maze that’s completed by coloring in all the uppercase and lowercase ‘Ff’s from start to finish.

This fun exercise helps with letter identification as kids make their way through a maze filled with different letters. They’ll also enhance their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills as they make their way to the finish line.

Free Printable Ff is for Father letter maze worksheet Image of Father's Day Worksheets

Ff Is For Father Handwriting Worksheet

Our last page is the handwriting sheet where kids will practice writing the words, “Father’s Day” and uppercase and lowercase ‘Ff’s. As they trace the dotted lines, they’ll be able to practice the correct formation of each letter and strengthen their fine motor skills.

Free Printable Ff is for Father handwriting worksheet Image of Father's Day Worksheets

These worksheets are a fantastic opportunity for young kids to develop essential skills in a fun and engaging way! 

Father’s Day Theme Ideas

Keep reading to discover some Father’s Day themed ideas that will help you and your children celebrate this special occasion with creativity. If you’re looking for handmade gifts, fun projects to do together, or books to share, you’ll find plenty of inspiration below.

Be sure to save the ones that match your family’s interests to create something unique for Dad.

Father’s Day Books For Kids

Made For Me – This storybook is charming celebration of the magical moments between a dad and his little one, adorned with cute illustrations and sweet verses. It’s the perfect picture book to melt hearts and treasure the joys of parenthood, making it an ideal gift for new fathers!

I Love You, Daddy – A beautifully illustrated tale that captures the heartwarming adventures between a father and his child, filled with love and encouragement. It’s the perfect bedtime story to share and cherish, making every read a special moment for dads and kids alike!

Just Me And My Dad – This is a sweet story that celebrates the special bond between fathers and their children, perfect for inspiring a love of nature and adventure in young readers!

Creative Father’s Day Crafts

Father’s Day Space Craft – Celebrate Dad’s stellar qualities and let him know “You’re out of this world!” with a personalized astronaut this Father’s Day. This cute and easy project transforms a photo of your child into an astronaut! Launch into a fun-filled session that will surely bring smiles to Dad’s face.

Robot Father’s Day Card Craft – Let kids show Dad they “love him a BOT” with this adorable robot card! Spend quality time making this card, and let them personalize it with a heartfelt message inside. Kids can create a thoughtful and customized gift to tell Dad “I’m nuts and bolts about you!”

Collage image of Creative Father's Day Crafts

Father’s Day Popcorn Craft – Have kids show Dad he’s their “number one pop” with a fun and easy Father’s Day popcorn creation! They can easily create a buttery popcorn masterpiece using tissue paper and our free template.

Father’s Day Bowtie Card – For the dapper dad in your life, a bowtie card is the perfect Father’s Day gift! This 3D card is a fun and creative project that kids will enjoy making. Personalize it with favorite colors and patterns to show Dad just how much he means to them with this stylish gesture.

Father’s Day Classroom Activities

Surprise Dad with a gift that’s sure to make him grin from ear to ear with our All About Dad Father’s Day printable! It’s always a treat (and often a laugh) to see what kids say about their dads—their favorite quotes, hobbies, and memories.

This fun questionnaire captures those priceless moments in a playful, personal way. Perfect for kids of all ages, they can fill it out solo or with a little help from you. Plus, there’s even a special version for Grandpa!

Celebrate Dad using a splash of color with these fun Father’s Day color by number printables! This set of six colorful illustrations is perfect for teaching kids numbers and colors while creating a vibrant masterpiece for Dad.

As they color in these cheerful designs, kids will also build fine motor skills, improve focus, and practice number recognition. It’s a fantastic activity for kids of all ages to enjoy with or for Dad. Download your free set and start the colorful fun!

Collage image of Father's Day Classroom Activities

For a fun game to play solo or with siblings, grab our Father’s Day I Spy printables! These pages are great for keeping kids entertained while celebrating their amazing dads. They’re packed with dad themed images to hunt.

Kids can start with the easy version, counting up to five, or take on the challenge of counting up to 10. They’ll sharpen their observation and memory skills while having a blast. Print out these sheets and let the game of I Spy begin!

Add a splash of creativity to Dad’s gift with these free printable Father’s Day cards to color! Included are six designs that feature father and child pairs. Kids can let their imaginations run wild as they color in these special cards that are perfect for Dad, Grandpa, or any special man in their life.

Encourage your little ones to embellish them with photos or handwritten messages for an added touch.

Father’s Day Worksheets Download

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.