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Download This Free Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Inside: Get your kids outside and exploring their environment with this free printable nature scavenger hunt for kids.

We’re winding down our third week in the at home summer camp for kids series.

There have been so many fun activities ranging from ladybug rock art to splatter painting to nature story cards and so much more.

Today, we’re combining the indoor activity of coloring and the outdoor activity of a nature scavenger hunt to create a fun game for kids that’s the best of both worlds!

Read on below to see just how educational and fun this outdoor scavenger hunt can be.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt List For Kids

free printable nature scavenger hunt list

Sometimes getting your kids away from the tv and outside into nature can be a bit of a challenge.

Or maybe you go to the park or playground so often it gets kinda monotonous.

Well, not anymore.

Just adding one little thing like this simple nature scavenger hunt for kids can change everything, especially when you turn it into a fun game!

Kids will have a blast searching their backyard, the neighborhood, park or wherever you go to find the items on the board.

To begin, print off the picture scavenger hunt board. I like to print it on thick cardstock paper so it’s more durable when we bring it outside.

Next, let your child color in each of the pictures and talk about what each of the items is.

Tell them you’re going to go outside on a hunt to find as many items as possible!

To turn this hunt into more of a dramatic play activity, have your child dress up as an animal researcher or biologist before you head outside.

Have them wear khaki bottoms, a t-shirt, tennis shoes and bring kid’s binoculars, a magnifying glass, and any other tools that might be useful (like tweezers).

Once you’re outside, let your child lead the exploration as much as possible.

If they’re stuck and can’t seem to find anything on the picture list, lead them with questions like:

  • Where do birds usually build nests?
  • Do you think you’d find a bug under some rocks or on a tree?
  • Do mushrooms usually grow in the sun or in the shade?

When your child finds an item on their list, let them put a check mark or “X” on the corner of that item.

After you’ve found all the items you can in your location, talk to your child about the hunt.

Ask them what their favorite part was, what the most exciting discovery turned out to be or any other questions you can think of to get their mind reviewing the experience they just had.

I’m sure your child will love this new nature experience, so don’t forget to download your free copy below!

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Download Your Free Nature Scavenger Hunt

Free Nature Nature Scavenger Hunt

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Wednesday 6th of April 2022

Download this free printable nature scavenger hunt


Saturday 9th of April 2022

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