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Celebrate National Star Wars Day With These 40+ Ideas For Kids

Inside: Want to make May the 4th special for your kids, but you’re just not sure how? Find the perfect ideas for your family with this guide to over 100 ways to celebrate National Star Wars Day!

The time will soon be upon us…

The day when people everywhere look each other in the eye and say one thing:

May the fourth be with you.

Okay, okay, maybe National Star Wars Day is not that dramatic or popular.

In fact, I’ve never had anyone outside my family say this to me, but we’ll certainly be greeting each other this way on May 4th.

If you’re one of the geeky few who will be joining us in the celebration of National Star Wars Day on May 4th, then you’ll love this massive collection of ideas that will help you celebrate this fun day.

Read on below to discover all the different ways you can incorporate Star Wars fun into your family’s celebration of Star Wars Day!

47 Ways To Say May The 4th Be With You

12 images of Star Wars crafts, food and printables

I’ve broken down all the cool Star Wars ideas into three categories: Star Wars food, Star Wars printables, and Star Wars crafts and activities. Scroll down to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Star Wars Crafts & Activities

How cute is this popsicle stick Baby Yoda craft? If you’ve got mini popsicle sticks at home, you must try this fun craft!

two paper plate Death Stars

Create Boba Fett and BB-8 mosaics with legos and this free printable.

With just a few supplies, your kids can make this menacing Death Star paper plate craft.

yoda card craft

Make this cute baby Yoda card craft for someone special!

2 Baby Yoda headband crafts

You can never have too much Yoda, right? Right! So, this May 4th, let your child make this cute Yoda headband craft.

Your little reader will love making one of these Darth Vader origami bookmarks. If you’re searching for more origami activities, check out this origami Yoda.

Watercolor Star Wars Droid Craft

Do an easy and fun art project with this kids when you make this watercolor droid paper craft.

Switch out your kiddo’s normal lunch bag for this DIY stormtrooper paper bag.

baby yoda craft

All those toilet paper rolls will go to good use when you make this recycled Yoda craft

Have some reluctant hand washers in your household? Maybe this DIY Star Wars shaped soap, this Han Solo frozen in carbonite soap, or this Millenium Falcon soap will help them stay at the sink a few seconds longer.

R2D2 fans will love this easy droid paper craft that comes with a free printable template! 

blue and green lightsaber sensory bottles

These lightsaber sensory bottles are mesmerizing for kids (and adults) of any age.

This Death Star pinata takes celebrating Star Wars Day to a whole new level!

Do a quick after-school craft the kids will love when you make this Yoda paper bag puppet. Or this perler bead R2-D2 craft.

Reading will be made more fun when your child uses these DIY lightsaber reading pointers.

paper bag baby yoda
2 handprint r2d2 crafts

Kids love handprint crafts? Then they’ll definitely want to make this R2D2 handprint craft!

Encourage quiet time and imaginative play when you create this Star Wars play dough kit.

storm trooper bowling pins and death star bowling ball

With just a few recyclables and supplies, your kids can make these awesome X-wing fighters or this cute R2-D2, or another cool R2-D2 papercraft.

This DIY Darth Vader ornament is not only good for Christmas but with a small modification would also make a cool backpack pull too!

If you’re really planning ahead, you can make this Death Star & Stormtrooper bowling set for kids.

Make these fun Porg paper chains with just a few supplies lying around at home. See it in action below:

Free Star Wars Printables

Star Wars paper bookmarsk

Decorate the house with these Star Wars party printables before your kids wake up to surprise them and set the tone for the day.

Have bookmarks in a flash with these Star Wars bookmark printables.

Star Wars I Spy for National Star Wars Day

Get a few moments of quiet time while your children are doing these free printable Star Wars I Spy games.

Give your kids a challenge with this free Star Wars word search. Or see how many words they can find in these Star Wars word cloud worksheets.

If you have little ones, they’ll love this Star Wars inspired preschool pack.

Do some zen Star Wars coloring with these mandala Star Wars coloring pages. There’s also these Star Wars: Force Awakens coloring sheets that would make a great laid-back activity.

Wrap a mini chocolate bar for a sweet surprise with these mini Hershey’s candy bar wrappers.

Wrap your child’s drink in this free printable Yoda soda label.

Even though these Star Wars cards are intended for Valentine’s Day, they’d actually work perfectly as lunch box notes too!

Challenge the kids to a Star Wars creative writing contest and use these Star Wars notebook printables.

Add a little extra something to their cupcakes with these free printable Star Wars cupcake toppers.

If your family wants to play some Star Wars games, download this Star Wars Minute To Win It activity pack.

Star Wars Food Ideas

pancakes made to look like BB-8 from Star Wars

Start the morning off right with these easy and cute BB-8 pancakes.

Send your little one to school with a Star Wars themed lunch. Or if they are home for the day, make them these fun BB-8 quesadillas.

Do your kids want a little after-school snack? Try on of these Star Wars themed snacks that include Death Star cheese, grape lightsabers or Chewbacca crispy cakes.

5 lightsaber cereal bars

Need a sweet treat to end the night? Try these Star Wars Wookie cookies. Or maybe these lightsaber cereal bars. Or these awesome Star Wars sugar cookies.

R2D2, Chewbacca, C3-P0 and Storm Trooper sugar cookies

Get some girl power in for the day with these Princess Leia cupcakes.

If you’re more of a cake pop kinda family, try these cool Death Star cake pops. There are also these awesome Darth Vader cupcakes.

Want something a little more chocolatey? Then make these chocolate dipper TIE fighters.

candy-filled Death Star cake

If you’re really going to celebrate Star Wars Day, there’s no better way to do it than with a Darth Vader cake (no special pan required!). If you’re looking for a little bit less dark side dessert, check out this adorable Ewok cake.

This candy-filled Death Star cake is what Jedi dreams are made of.

How does your family celebrate National Star Wars Day? Let me know in the comments below!

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