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Leprechaun Cut And Paste Craft For Kids [Free Template]

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, kids can have some festive fun with this easy cut and paste Leprechaun craft!

This is a great opportunity for kids to practice using scissors while having some festive fun. Print the template out in full color or black and white for kids to color or paint in. That means you can turn it into a fun art activity too if you want!

This activity can help kids develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as well as scissor skills which are important for kindergarten and elementary school projects like cutting shapes, letters, and other decorations.

Download the free template and make this leprechaun paper craft with your kids or students this March. Also, be sure to check out all of our St. Patrick’s Day crafts for more ideas.

Build A Leprechaun Printable

Collage image of Leprechaun Cut and Paste Craft With Kids with the words Leprechaun Cut & Paste in the middle

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Start by downloading thelLeprechaun template and printing it out. Once you have the template printed, gather the materials needed for this fun activity. Get those scissors ready, and let’s help the kids bring this leprechaun template to life!

hand holding printable leprechaun craft template

It’s time to bring our leprechaun to life with colors or paint! Encourage your kids to get creative as they paint or color in the leprechaun’s face, mustache, and hat. Remember to let the paint or colors dry completely before we move on to the next step.

hand painting leprechaun hat

Now, let’s start assembling the leprechaun’s face! Help your kids glue the mustache just below the nose. This small detail adds so much character to our leprechaun. It’s like giving him his own unique style.

hand gluing mustache to printable leprechaun craft

Next, it’s time to add the eyes. Assist your kids in gluing them, one on each side, just below the eyebrows. These eyes are like windows to their leprechaun’s mischievous spirit.

hand gluing eye to printable leprechaun craft

It’s time for the final touch! Guide your kids in gluing the hat to the top of their leprechaun’s head. The hat gives their leprechaun his unique style, making him truly stand out.

hand gluing hat to printable leprechaun craft

Isn’t this such a bright and cheery craft?! If your kids enjoyed making this cute craft. Be sure to check out our other spring crafts for more fun!

vertical image of hand holding single example of finished leprechaun craft with green fabric at the top

More Kids Activities

More St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

Don’t let the fun stop once you’ve made this cute leprechaun craft! Keep on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by adding in lots of fun crafts, activities, and learning ideas! Use them to learn about Irish folklore, add to your lesson plans, or just to have a good time with your kids.

Read on for even more ideas to keep your kids or students busy during the month of March!

Kids’ Books For St. Patrick’s Day

The first thing on our list is always books. Reading aloud to your kids is an amazing way to help them learn and develop. It can help them recognize new sight words, learn to focus, and help to develop imagination even more.

Below are some of our favorite books for St Patrick’s Day!

Pete The Cat: The Great Leprechaun Chase is a must-have for Pete the Cat fans! Join Pete as he tries to catch an elusive leprechaun.

How To Catch A Leprechaun is a silly book that’s, you guessed it, about catching a leprechaun! Please read this book and let your kiddos build their trap and start a family tradition.

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Clover is another book kids can’t get enough of. See what the old lady is doing this St. Patrick’s Day!

Need more book suggestions? Check out our favorite leprechaun books for kids!

vertical image of hand holding example of 2 finished leprechaun crafts with green fabric at the top

Kids St. Patrick Crafts

A second activity that we always add is crafts! They are not only fun to do but they can also help children developmentally by aiding in improving fine motor skills, following directions, and exercising creativity.

Try adding in more crafting with our favorite St. Patrick’s Day crafts.

Popsicle Stick Leprechaun Craft – Let’s celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this leprechaun craft that will keep the kids entertained. This project only takes less than an hour to make and it’s super easy, too! Don’t forget to keep your (chocolate) gold coins away from these cheeky little guys – they might just try to steal them!

Pot of Gold Card Craft – Grab your supplies and get started on this fun St. Patrick’s Day craft!

This one is perfect for kids because it only takes a little time, but will look so pretty when you are done. It also includes an easy template to help make the project go faster! Give these cards out with some lucky charms or other goodies this March.

Collage of Kids St. Patrick Crafts

Shamrock Preschool Craft – If you’re looking for a quick, easy craft to do with your preschooler this St. Patrick’s Day, make shamrocks! Kids will love the simplicity of these cuties.

Leprechaun Minion Craft – Every kid loves a leprechaun. And, they all love minions too so this fun craft is perfect. They’re so fun to play with, and kids can make them in no time! You just need some craft paper or cardstock, markers, and our free PDF file template to get started!

St Patrick’s Day Activities For School

Help your kids have a blast with these St. Patrick’s Day do a dot printables! These are great to use in the classroom or at home. They can help kids practice letter recognition, counting, and more – so many fun uses for these pages!

These St. Patrick’s Day Alphabet puzzles are a fun way to practice learning ABCs. The free printables are simple to prep and can be used over and over again! We love educational activities that are also fun and engaging, and these puzzles are the perfect combination of both.

Collage of St Patricks Day Activities For School

Our St. Patrick’s Day worksheets are a great activity to add to your St Patricks Day celebrations! These fun, printable activities are perfect for preschool and kindergarten kids.

With letter tracing, pattern making, and a letter maze, these pages are a great way to practice letter recognition while celebrating the holiday!

Looking for a fun activity that also helps kids with their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination? These St. Patrick’s Day cutting practice worksheets are just the thing!

As your kids cut along the lines, they’ll also work on their scissor skills. They’re the perfect addition to any St. Patrick’s Day classroom party or at-home celebration.

vertical image of hand holding single example of finished leprechaun craft with green fabric at the top

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Activities For Kids

hand holding 2 leprechaun crafts

Leprechaun Cut And Paste Craft For Kids

Active Time: 18 minutes
Total Time: 18 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

This St. Patrick's Day, get your kids in on the fun with this easy cut-and-paste Leprechaun craft!


  • White cardstock or art paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Crayons, markers, or paint (if using the color in version of the template)
  • Leprechaun template


  1. Download the leprechaun template and print it out on white cardstock or art paper.
  2. Paint or color in the leprechaun's face, mustache, and hat. Let dry completely before moving on. Cut all the pieces out.
  3. Begin to assemble the face by gluing the mustache just below the nose.
  4. Take the eyes and glue them, one on each side, just below the eyebrows.
  5. Finish by gluing the hat to the top of the leprechaun's head.

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Free Leprechaun Printable Template

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