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21 Back to School Crafts Kids Will Love!

Back to school season is always an exciting and busy time for kids. It’s a chance to catch up with friends, meet new teachers, and prepare for a year of learning and growth!

Help ease your kids into the new school year by making some back to school crafts together. These activities are not only fun and engaging, but they’ll also help develop their fine motor skills, creativity, and self-expression.

If your little one needs a little extra encouragement to get excited about school, these crafts are the perfect way to do it. They’ll have a blast creating something special to mark the start of a new school year!

Pick one or pick a few of these back to school crafts to do with your child. They’re all simple and require minimal supplies.

We love crafting here at Simple Everyday Mom! So, when you’re done with these crafts, be sure to check out our other fun and easy projects for kids.

Back to School Crafts for Kids

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Our crayon name craft makes the perfect back to school craft! It’s a fun and colorful way for kids to practice spelling their names and develop fine motor skills. With just a few materials needed, including cardstock, our free template, and glue, this craft is perfect for little kids.

It’s the start of a new school year, and you know what that means? Time to get organized and make sure your kids have all the supplies they need! Make our crayon box craft to get your kids involved and excited for the school year ahead! They can also practice color recognition and hand-eye coordination while making this adorable craft. 

Any little artist in your life will love making this popsicle stick crayon craft! They can paint it any color they want, making it a great opportunity to explore color mixing and creativity. Kiddos will love painting and decorating their crayon creation, which can then be used as a bookmark or decoration for their room.

Our crayon paper bag puppet couldn’t be any cuter! Kids will enjoy making these adorable puppets and then putting on a show for friends and family. Not only is it an excellent way to work on fine motor skills, but it also encourages imaginative play, storytelling, and social skills.

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Does your child love dress-up and pretend play? Then they’ll love making this DIY crayon headband! It’s a fun way to let their creativity shine! It would also be a great craft to make with your class on their first day of school. Plus, it’s an easy project that requires minimal supplies, so you can keep the mess to a minimum while still having fun.

Try this pencil name craft with your kids to teach them how to spell their names and practice their letter recognition skills. This activity is perfect for back to school time, as it combines learning with a fun craft that they can personalize and proudly display. It’s also a great way to introduce the concept of writing and spelling in a hands-on way.

Get ready for a whole lot of fun when your kids make our pencil paper bag puppet! Paper bag puppets are some of our favorite crafts for little ones. They’re easy to make and provide endless hours of imaginative play! This pencil puppet is perfect for getting kids into the back to school spirit!

Do your kids ride the school bus? This back to school bus craft is a great way to get them excited for their first day! It can also help ease any worries they may have about riding the bus for the first time. Talk to your child about what to expect on the bus, and let them get creative with this craft! It’s also a great opportunity for them to practice their cutting and gluing skills.

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Grab a cute photo of your child and make this photo bus craft to commemorate their first day of school! It’s a fun project for kids of all ages, and would also make a great gift for grandparents or other family members. Your child will love being the star of their very own school bus! 

Use this first day of school printable book as an adorable prop for their back to school photos. It’s also got space for them to fill in their name, age, and what they want to be when they grow up. This is a great way to capture their excitement and goals for the new school year and will be fun to look back on in the future.

Your little ones will love making this back to school gnome craft. It’s a simple and fun activity that also provides some fine motor skill practice as they cut and glue the free template. They can even personalize their gnome by choosing different colors for the hat, clothes, and apple!

This tissue paper apple craft is a fun, hands-on way for kids to practice their fine motor skills. As they scrunch and stick the tissue paper onto the apple template, they’ll strengthen their hand muscles and improve their coordination. They’ll also have a cute little decoration to hang up in their room or give to their teacher!

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Back to school is a great time to get crafty and start creating! Encourage your child to use their imagination and make this yarn apple craft. They can make their apples any color they want and even add cute little faces to make them extra special. Use as much or as little yarn as you like to create a unique apple decoration for the new school year.

For a super easy and fun back to school craft, try making our paper bag apple craft. Our free template and simple-to-follow instructions make this a great activity for even the youngest of children. Kids can also add personal touches like glitter, stickers, or drawings if they want!

Our worm in apple craft is a great way to get kids excited about going back to school and learning! It’s a fun paper craft that’s made even easier with our free printable template. Kids will practice their scissors skills as they cut and glue the pieces together to create a cute worm peeking out of an apple. 

Don’t throw out those paper plates from your summer barbecue just yet! Turn them into this adorable paper plate apple craft, perfect for the back to school season. Kids can paint or color their apples and then add a stem and leaf to complete the look. Hang them up on the wall or make a bunch to create a fun apple garland!

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Combine learning and creativity with our handprint apple craft. Your kids will love tracing their hands and then turning them into little apples with our easy-to-follow tutorial. This craft is also great for teachers to use in the classroom, as it doubles as a fun reading and letter recognition activity. 

Popsicle stick crafts are just the best, don’t you think? Try out this apple popsicle stick craft next time you need a fun and easy back to school activity. Will your kiddos paint their apples a classic red or green, or will they get creative with different colors and patterns? Download the free craft template today to find out!

This apple core craft is more than just a cute decoration. It’s also a great way to teach kids about recycling while working their fine motor skills. Have them cut or tear up construction paper and then glue the pieces onto a paper plate to create an apple core! You only need a few simple materials for this activity, making it a great last-minute craft idea.

Help your kids learn how to spell their names with our personalized apple name craft. Simply print out the free template and have your child arrange the letter cut-outs to spell their name out on the apple shape. This not only helps with letter recognition but also allows them to practice their reading!

Gather your craft supplies and make this handprint apple tree craft with your kids! You only need some colored cardstock, pom poms, glue, and our free template to create this adorable back to school craft. Kids will have a blast making an apple tree with their handprints as the trunk! It’s also a great way to incorporate nature into your crafting time this school year.

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